Backup4all is an easy-to-use but very capable backup tool, available in three different versions.

The Lite edition is aimed at home users, but still offers all the core functionality most people will need. You can specify the files and folders you'd like to back up; these can be saved to local, external or network drives; there are options to compress your archives, or password-protect them for security; and a simple scheduler can automatically run your backup jobs every day, week or month.

Restoration is just as straightforward, because your backups are just mirrors of the original files and folders, stored in regular zip files. Simply open an Explorer folder and you'll be able to find and recover what you need in seconds.

The Standard edition of the program improves performance with its support for differential backups (copying only new or changed files). It's able to store multiple versions of a file, for both full and differential backups. The program can back up from network drives, and save your archives to CD, DVD or Blu-ray. And there's an option to run custom actions both before and after the backup.

Backup4all Professional completes the set. This supports full, differential and block-level incremental backups, each of which can be secured with 256-bit AES encryption. If local backups aren't good enough then your archive can be saved to FTP, SFTP, Azure and Amazon S3 destinations, and email notifications will ensure you're always up-to-date with the current backup status.

Version 5.0 brings a lot of changes, and we've mentioned some of the most important already: Professional's block level incremental backups, Azure and Amazon S3 support. But every edition benefits from the revamped, more customisable and easier-to-user interface. You can now suspend, cancel or stop all backup jobs. The program is able to run scheduled jobs it might have missed, and there are new tools to both test and repair your backups.

Please note, this download and be installed and used as Backup4all Lite, Standard or Professional: you'll be asked to choose during installation.

What's new in6.3.278 (see the changelog for more info)?

New: Added bandwidth control option for uploading backups to cloud destinations
New: Double-clicking the tray icon opens the main interface
New: Option to use "Smart file scanning mode" automatically based on file count
Update: The default system browser is now used to perform cloud authentication
Update: Log file will show Smart file scan mode selection status too
Update: Added restore location in the restore log too
Update: Allow users to continue Azure/Amazon backups even if the certificates cannot be validated
Update: Updated French, Ukrainian and Vietnamese languages
Fix: Cannot create new scheduled tasks in Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Fix: Test for cloud destinations when no configuration is set
Fix: Changed text in log for when the backup is executed with different permissions
Fix: Files were not deleted from destination when the path was too long for mirror backups


Backup4all makes it very simple to safeguard your most valuable data.