Zoner Photo Studio Free is an attractive, easy-to-use image organiser that includes many photo editing and sharing features.

The thumbnail browser is straightforward and you'll immediately feel at home with it. The program is quick, and responsive, too - you're not kept waiting while it creates thumbnails. And if there are too many images in a particular folder, than an extensive Filter dialog will help you zoom in on the pictures you need. It's possible to filter by file name, date, time, file size, title, author and description, rating, latitude and longitude for geotagged images, and any other photo metadata you might use.

Editing options include the ability to crop, rotate or resize your photo, apply automatic colour and lighting fixes or tweak settings manually. You can apply a few special effects to your image: "Oil Painting", "Old Photograph", "Emboss" and so on. Various touchup tools include the option to fix red-eye and fixed skewed images, while you can also add text captions or tweak the results with some basic paint tools.

And once your favourite images are polished to perfection, the program can then help you share them with the rest of the world. At the simplest you're able to email selected photos in a couple of clicks. Other options allow you to build calendars, panoramas, 3D images and more, and the program can also upload images directly to your Facebook or YouTube account.


A fast and easy-to-use photo management tool