Add a Sling Box device to your AV setup and you have a quick and easy means of streaming audio and video around the home. This means that it is possible to view the output of one device on your computer, taking advantage of a wireless network.

SlingPlayer Mobile brings the same option to your idevice, making it possible to view your Apple TV, digibox and satellite box output on your mobile device. Streaming can be achieved over a 3G or wireless connection, and setup is kept as simple as can be.

The app also provides the option of taking control of the devices you are using in conjunction with your Sling Box, so there is no need to go hunting for a remote control or invest in potentially expensive multi-device remotes.

There is no getting away from the fact that the option of controlling your Sling Box devices, but it is also a powerful and impressive app. Video quality is amazingly high and the integrated guide is a very nice touch.


Hardly an essential app, but a great way to get even more from your Sling Box.