REAPER is a professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

If you're unfamiliar with the jargon, essentially this means that the program is a high-end and very configurable digital recording studio. You can import any audio or MIDI source, maybe plug in a microphone to record something, then loop, pitch shift, trim, time stretch, fade and otherwise edit your work until you're happy.

REAPER is able to map control surfaces (even game controllers) to faders, plug-in controls, REAPER actions and more, helping you to create a working environment that works just the way you expect.

Need more? The program supports all the major audio and MIDI plugin standards: VST, VSTi, DX, DXi, JS, and AU (the latter being OSX only), and so can be extended in just about any direction you like.

And all this comes at a surprisingly reasonable price, for the DAW market at least: if you're happy with the trial version then REAPER can be yours from $60. See the REAPER site for more.

Version 4.78 changes:


  • CoreAudio latency detection improvements
  • fixed UI issues with listviews on Yosemite and trackpads
  • fixed informing plugins of project repeat state
  • fixed error handling cases
  • reset PDC when offlining FX
  • fixed undocked window position restoring
  • count-in sound quality fixes
  • fixed SPP sending with project measure offsets at t=0, send SPP when stopped/seeking to t=0, other fixes
  • fixed FX add menu not always updating properly
  • fixed pitch automation issue
  • fixed default initial position bug
  • fixed potential display corruption on win32 and when docked above ruler
  • whitelist Voxengo plug-ins to use effSetSpeakerArrangement by default


A powerful and configurable DAW, relatively easy to use and great value for money