Nomacs is an interesting cross-platform image viewer with one or two unusual features.

The program opens much like any other image viewer. You can display individual files or complete folders, for instance (there's support for viewing all the main formats, including animated GIFs, multi-page TIFFs and many RAW file types). A thumbnail browser helps you manually navigate to the images you need, or you can use the Player to create an automatic slideshow.

The viewing area may be customised in various ways. You can choose to view basic details (file name, creation date, rating), metadata, histogram and more. Nomacs can run full screen, if you like, or you can reduce its opacity to leave the program very much in the background.

There are some image editing options, too: "resize", "crop", "rotate",  "Auto Adjust", "Unsharp Mask" and so on. Nothing too surprising, but they might come in useful occasionally.

What's more unusual, though, is that multiple instances of nomacs can be connected and work together. If you've two copies of nomacs running on the same PC, say, you can synchronise them, so that when you pan or zoom on one instance, the second does exactly the same thing (very useful when you need to compare separate images).

You can do the same thing across a LAN, too, as well as transferring images from one networked computer to another.

Figuring out how to do this can be a challenge, unfortunately, as it's not even faintly obvious, and there's no help provided with the program. We were initially baffled, but fortunately there is a speedy solution: just head off for a quick look at the online help and you'll soon have everything working.

Version 2.4.0:
    •Batch processing (you can try it by clicking Tools > Batch Processing)
    •Image tabs (open multiple images within different tabs)
    •Thumbnail preview improved (copy/paste delete/rename is now supported)
    •Zoom panel improved (you can now chose a specific zoom level)
    •Olympus RAW added
    •Convert to grayscale added (thanks to shreelock)
    •Faster directory loading (especially if you have many images in a folder)
    •Gesture improvements
    •Saving of images from archives (e.g. zip, docx) is now supported


It could do with some more local documentation (or indeed any), but overall nomacs is a good-looking and capable image viewer with some interesting features