Finding a capable music management tool that can be used to not only playback your music collection, but also to help keep it organized, can be tricky. There are plenty of apps to choose form, but too many of them fall down in one key area or another. MusicBee aims to take care of all of your audio needs so there is no need to use multiple programs to perform different tasks.

Where the app really shines is in its library management. If you have already been using Windows Media Player or iTunes to manage your music, you can quickly and easily import this into MusicBee, but it is also possible to scan the folder you use to store music to start the audio cataloguing process. Missing audio tags and album artwork can be automatically downloaded and a comprehensive system of labelling makes it incredibly simple to keep your music collection organized and easy to search.

Built in support for CD ripping helps you to enlarge your music collection, and the fact that MusicBee can also be used to listen to online radio means that you can use it as a tool to discover new music. If you have a portable MP3 player, you can use MusicBee to synchronize music of your choice to the device. If necessary you can opt to automatically convert files to a different format and adjust levels with automatic normalization.

Should you find that MusicBee does not do absolutely everything you demand of it, all is not lost. The program can be extended through the use of plugins, and if you like the idea of changing the appearance of the application, there is also the option of using themes.

Version 2.4.5349 brings:
    - New "expanded view" for the artwork layout, where tracks are displayed in-place in the panel
    - Expanded view includes support for when the artwork layout is grouped by artist
    - Enhanced file organiser: you can define rules in the auto-organiser for each drive, and to move files across drives
    - The volume analysis tool has been enhanced to give better feedback and control when peaks would be clipped
    - Support for searching and playing internet tracks via Soundcloud
    - The progress of long running operations now shows in the windows taskbar (win7+)
    - Various layout enhancements for the Tabs Bar
    - Support for premium podcast subscriptions
    - Media keys should now work without the need for the "media keys" plugin
    - Various new plugins, such as VST sound effects, Discogs Tagger, Track Previewer, Skip Silence, MP3 Blog/ Web File Analyser


Incredibly powerful and easy to use, MusicBee could become your new favorite music management tool.