Skype offers a cheap – and potentially free – alternative to making expensive calls using your home or mobile phone. It’s also perfect for recording any voice calls you make – perhaps you’re interviewing someone over the phone or want to record a call so you can jot down notes later.

Visit the Extras section of the Skype website and you’ll discover a number of options for recording your Skype voice conversations. Unfortunately, they all cost money. Some, like Pamela Basic do exist in cut-down form, offering to record up to 15 minutes of conversation at a time, and while you can get around this limitation by simply recording your conversation in 15-minute chunks, it can be a little fiddly to do and relies on you keeping one eye on the clock as you chat.

MP3 Skype Recorder is a completely free alternative that offers no arbitrary recording limits, and like its more expensive brethren is relatively easy to set up. Make sure you have a version of Skype with the Extras Manager installed (visit the Extras Shop and download the version of Skype listed here if you discover the Extras option is greyed out in Skype’s Tools menu).

Now, with Skype running, install and launch Skype Recorder. It’ll prompt you that it’s waiting for authorization – switch back to Skype and you’ll see the yellow information bar where you grant MP3 Skype Recorder access. Once you’ve configured MP3 Skype Recorder from its dialog box – you’ll probably want to change the location of your recorded calls for a start, plus set a suitable bit rate for your calls (if disk space isn’t an issue, 128-bits will deliver the best sound, but lower quality is usually acceptable for voice calls) – you can carry on as normal.

The next time you place or receive a Skype voice call, MP3 Skype Recorder will automatically start recording it and deliver a pop-up notification via the Taskbar. The recording stops either when you hang up the call or manually click the Stop button in MP3 Skype Recorder itself.

MP3 Skype Recorder doesn’t feature the same bells and whistles as Pamela Basic – you can’t automatically inform your caller that the call is being recorded, and there are no voicemail capabilities, but as a simple voice-recording tool it delivers perfectly. 

The brand new v2.x brings these new features:

-New interface. Although it looks the same the interface was redone to work smoothly on computers with large DPI.
-The program window is automatically brought to front if you are trying to start the second instance of MP3 Skype recorder. Previously the program was just ignoring if you were trying to start it again while it was minimized to system tray. This was little bit confusing sometimes.


A simple, unfussy and – above all – completely free solution for those wishing to record Skype voice calls.