Icaros is a clever tool which allows Explorer to display thumbnails for videos, as well as the cover art embedded in various audio files.

The program works by using FFmpeg to extract the thumbnails, and so it can work with almost any FFmpeg-supported video type (which is just about everything ever created). Launching Icaros displays the current list of "thumbnail filetypes registered", which looked like ".mkv;.mk3d;.ogm;.ogv;.flv;.flac;.ape;.mpc;.mka;.avi" for us. But if you'd like to support something else, click "Deactivate Icaros", add a semicolon and its extension to the end of the list, click "Activate Icaros", and thumbnails should now be available.

You don't have to worry about this kind of low-level detail, as for the most part Icaros just works. But if you do need to make some tweaks, there are a few other options available.

Setting a "thumbnail offset" tells the program where within the file to extract its thumbnail (25% means after 15 minutes of one hour video).

Enabling black/ white frame detection tells Icaros to check for almost all black or white thumbnails, and if there's a problem, to look for something better.

As we've mentioned, the program can use embedded cover art for thumbnails, but this isn't enabled by default. Launch Icaros, click Advanced and check "Use embedded Cover Art for thumbnails" to turn it on.

Version 3.0.1 [Major Changes]
- Added support for Comic Book files (CBZ, CBR, CB7, EPUB) 
- Comic Book files can contain any kind of image format (jpg, png, gif, webp etc)
- Added new commandline options (use -help/-? to view them)
- Added notifier to thumbnail page that shows results of drag n drop operations (see notes)
- Added 'Video Only' and 'Audio Only' presets
- Added option to enable/disable video reel thumbnail border

- Added Polish localization (Thank you Xyzzy!)
- Added Turkish localization (Thank you Torelafes!)
- Added Ukrainian localization (Thank you Darko!)
- Added Japanese localization (Thank you Donkichirou!)
- Updated Danish, German, Portuguese and Russian localization

- Fixed Optimfrog thumbnailing
- Fixed Optimfrog bitrate values
- Fixed duration/bitrate/channel properties for certain MP3 files
- Improved duration precision for some MP3 files
- Improved mkv handling slightly
- Improved donation links (labels and extra info)
- Improved -unlock command (will now perform a much cleaner unlock of Icaros)
- Recognize WEBP as an image format
- Fixed a handful of minor bugs
- Updated GCC to 6.2
- Updated FFmpeg