The iPhone's camera may not be up to much, but it is fine for quick snaps. But if you're looking to try out something a little different, Histamatic may be the app for you. The Hipstamatic was a cheap 80s camera which developed a cult following, and this app aims to recreate the look and feel of the snaps it took.

The camera includes the ability to switch lens and choose between different types of flash and film to achieve a range of stunning effects. As standard the app includes the John S, Kimmy and Kaimal Mark II lenses, Ina's 1969, Kodot Verichrome and Blanko films, and a standard flash, but other 'Hipstapaks are available.

Three additional packs are currently available, adding a number of extra film types, flashes and lenses to your arsenal. Used in combination, it is possible to achieve a huge number of different effects, with each photo having its own unique look and feel.

The photos you take can be stored on your iPhone or uploaded to Facebook or emailed to friends and family from within the app.


There's hours of fun to be had with this iPhone camera tool - time to get snapping and get creative!