With a large number of video codecs to choose from, it is quite common to encounter the occasional video that you are not able to play because you don't have the correct software installed. Even once the necessary codec has been installed, problems can arise and this is what GOM Media Player has been designed to avoid.

The program includes a huge number of built in codec (such as DivX, H263, XviD and FLV1) but should you encounter a video for which you do not have the required codec, the program will point you in the direction of a free, open-source download. GOM Media Player features support for subtitles in a variety of formats and boasts playlist support.

Even if a video file has a broken index which would ordinarily render it unplayable, GOM Media Player should be able to rebuild the file so it can be viewed. As well as being useful for playing corrupt videos, this is also a very useful option for previewing partially downloaded files.

A screen capture mode is available for taking screen shots including a burst mode that can be used to take up to 999 images. With adjustable brightness and contrast settings, a built in graphic equaliser and sharpening options, GOM Media Player helps you to get the most from your video files.

Version brings:

 - Major improvements to the internal Gretech video source filter.
 - Added support for additional codecs to the internal source filter.
 - Improved the Bookmarks feature
 - Added a feature that enables users to jump to a specific time in a video
 - Playback support for shortcut (.LNK) files has been added
 - Altered the Codec Finder window so that it can be used in conjunction with voice-command software
 - Improved the behavior of the Subtitle Explorer window to match the selected subtitle position
 - Other miscellaneous changes and fixes


GOM Media Player can handle virtual any video file you throw at it and includes so many advanced features it is well worth a look.