Modern digital cameras employ all kinds of clever techniques to improve the quality of the photos they produce, but there's almost always room for improvement later. Especially if you've installed Corel PaintShop Pro, which now provides more tools than ever to tweak, adjust and retouch your images, or use them in creative projects.

Open a photo in the Express Lab, for instance, and it'll automatically fix brightness, shadows, colour problems and more. You can manually adjust these settings yourself, if you'd like more control. There's one-click access to tools that will straighten an image, crop to the interesting parts, remove noise, sharpen a photo, fix red-eye and more. And the Makeover tools help your friends look their best by making them look thinner, removing skin blemishes, smoothing wrinkles, and painting on an attractive tan.

If you find you're applying similar changes all the time - your images are always just a little too dark, say - then the new batch processing feature will help. Make adjustments to one photo, then you can apply them to all the others, right from the program's thumbnail photo organiser.

Powerful new advanced editing tools include the Object Extractor, which makes it easy to extract an object from an image - even something awkward, like yet pet dog in blurry motion - and copy it to a new background. The Vibrancy option lets you boost colours in washed-out areas of a photo without unbalancing the image elsewhere. And other interesting tools help you add depth of field effects, fix fish-eye, barrel and other lens distortions, or merge images taken at different exposures to reveal the full range of scene details.

And when you're finished, it's now easy to build HD slideshows and videos of your photos, burn them to DVD, or share them on Flickr, Facebook or YouTube. Or, if you're feeling really creative, then the enhanced Project Creator will walk you through the process of creating photo books, cards, collages, calendars and more.

What’s new in PaintShop Pro X7?
+ New: Magic Fill tool with content-aware editing.
+ New: Smart Edge to help keep brush strokes within the lines.
+ New: Text and Shape Cutter tools.
+ New: Materials Palette featuring Color Harmonies.
+ New: new image dialog with common canvas size options
+ Improved: 30 per cent faster brush performance.
+ Enhanced and redesigned image editing tools.
+ Streamlined Layer workflow.
+ New: support for XMP files.


It doesn't have the full editing power of some of the high-end competition, but if you want an easy way to edit and manage your photos then PaintShop Pro X7 will do the job very well