Bulk Image Downloader is a powerful program for batch downloading images. And that means no more tedious right-click, Save As, over and over and over again - just point the program at the URL of interest and it will locate and grab your photos in just a few clicks.

Bulk Image Downloader works almost everywhere. It understands all the main image hosting sites (flickr, imagevenue, imageshack and so on), and can download entire albums from social networks (Facebook, MySpace, tweetphoto.com, twitpic.com, more). Use it on web forums and it will automatically scan multi-page forum threads, extracting all the image links.

The program is smart, too. You won't end up with a folder full of thumbnails, at least some of the time - Bulk Image Downloader will usually detect and download full-sized photos only.

Despite the name, the program works with videos, too, and is able to grab clips from YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, MetaCafe and more.

Multi-threaded downloading means you can fetch up to 50 images at once. If you lose your internet connection, accidentally hit the power button or otherwise interrupt the program, then Bulk Image Downloader can resume its downloads when you restart. And if any of this doesn't work quite as you expect then a huge array of configuration options allow you to tweak the program to suit your needs. changes (Version History):
    - flickr support updated. BID will now correctly load multi page photo streams again (e.g. https://www.flickr.com/photos/***/)  For non photo stream pages (e.g. albums) you will have to scroll down to reveal the images and then launch BID directly from your browser's right click context menu ("open current page with BID"). BID will find the images that have been revealed in your browser.
    - imgsrc.ru support updated
    - myimg.club support added
    - 4chan multipage support updated
    - theanimegallery.com support added
    - artstation.com support updated. To download from artstation.com  with BID you must scroll the web page down to reveal the images, and then launch BID directly from your web browser's right click menu ("open current page with BID")
    - pixiv.net support updated.
    - tumblr support updated


Bulk Image Downloader is easy to use, and will make short work of downloading most web galleries, wherever they happen to be