AV Audio Editor is a capable tool for audio editing which is focused very much on ease of use.

The program can work with a good range of file formats: MP3, MP4/ M4A, OGG, WMA APE, FLAC, AAC, MPC, SPX, TTA and WV.

Basic operations are very similar to other audio editors. Whatever file you open is presented as a waveform; you can freely zoom in and out to view and select whatever areas you need; and you might then cut, copy or paste them, apply various equaliser effects, adjust volume (fade in, fade out), add a pseudo surround-sound effect, and more.

This core functionality isn't too special, but AV Audio Editor is well-designed and very comfortable to use. Selecting a chunk of an audio file is a key task, for instance, and here it's very straightforward. There are lots of zoom controls (both horizontal and vertical) to help you locate the area you need. Highlighting an area with the keyboard is very easy because you don't have to learn any new controls; just use the cursor keys to select the start or end point, then hold down Shift and press the cursor key again to select the rest. Or simply click and drag with the mouse as usual.

And while there aren't many effects, the ones you do get are also very well implemented. If you've chosen an area and applied a particular equaliser effect, for instance, other tools might force to you click OK and play the results, before clicking "Undo" and relaunching the same dialog if there was a problem. In AV Audio Editor, though, clicking Preview will play your chosen selection in a loop, updating it in real time as you adjust the current effect, so you'll always know exactly what you're going to get.

Version 1.02 changes bring:

- More free filters and audio effects
- Skin changed to default Windows theme


While it's a little short on features, AV Audio Editor supports lots of file types, and provides a comfortable and easy-to-use environment for trimming, volume tweaks and other basic edits