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Samsung Deals 2017: January sales

There are huge discounts from Samsung. Samsung makes brilliant phones, tablets and TVs, and in light of the recent Galaxy Note 7 recall disaster it could do with garnering some positive vibes. If you want to score a great deal on Samsung phones, TVs and tablets, here's what to look out for today.

Samsung deals: phones, TVs and tablets

Samsung may no longer be in the laptops business, but this manufacturing giant had fingers in pretty much every other technological pie. And only the most rabid Apple apologist would fail to recognise that Samsung makes great products.

In the smartphone world the demise of the Galaxy Note 7 is a disaster - and not just for Samsung. The Note 7 was a great phone, fortunately survived by the equally awesome (and considerably less flammable) Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Those handsets are at the top of the market, but Samsung does a bewildering array of Galaxy phones, ranging in price from bargain basement to flagship. We'll be looking for Samsung phone deals all year.

In the mobile world Samsung is also a purveyor of fine tablets. You can find both Android and Windows tablets in its range, as well as portable slate PCs for kids. And, again, the range is extensive with something for everyone.

To many people, however, the jewel in Samsung's crown is its range of TVs, and we will be scouring the aisles for good Samsung TV deals. From smart TVs to UHD screens, curved and flat, and ranging in size from the ridiculous to the tiny Samsung does it all. So stay tuned to this page for the best Samsung deals.

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