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Stay connected for less with huge price drops on the latest phone models. Take advantage of phone deals now before they're gone!

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Apple iPhone 7 128GB

From: Vodafone

Now: £42 per month + £99.99 upfront with 24GB data

£42 per month for 24GB data is a steal - this offer has been extended until further notice.

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Apple iPhone 7 32GB

From: Vodafone

Now: £37 per month + £79.99 upfront with 24GB data

24GB of data! Wow. And just £37 per month for the best iPhone yet.

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Phone Deals 2017

Phone contract running out? Simply fancy an upgrade to the latest iPhone or Android? No matter: if you are in the market for a new phone, now is a good time to grab a bargain. All the latest flagships are on sale, and there are bargains to be had. If you want to score a great deal on a smartphone, here's what to look out for. 

Smartphones: iPhone or Android?

With all due disrespect to Windows Phone and BlackBerry, almost always you have a straight choice: iPhone or Android. It is likely that you know which platform you prefer - both are full featured and easy to use.

Smartphones: iPhone or Android?

Apple's iPhones are excellent but expensive, and they lock you into Apple's iTunes store. The best Androids from the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG are every bit as good as top-priced iPhones, and offer you more freedom to customise your device and sideload apps and media. And the range of price is much greater in the Android world.

Of course, that means the quality is also varied. Generally speaking you get what you pay for, but new handsets that were first released in 2014 are still plenty powerful enough, so you can grab a bargain Android. Also consider smaller brand phones in the Android space, although be sure to check our expert reviews before parting with cash.

Contract, PAYG, or SIM-free?

The other choice to make is on what kind of purchase you make. If you have the cash to buy outright it is almost always more efficient to go SIM free and grab either a PAYG SIM or a cheap data contract from the likes of GiffGaff. But not everyone has that kind of money to hand, and if you are a regular upgrader with a contract you can get good early access to new handsets.

iPhone users in particular may benefit from a contract phone, as the networks subsidise iPhone purchases as they know how popular are Apple's devices. 

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