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Microsoft's Surface range of products comprises some truly stunning devices - but they aren't cheap. You'll find some great Surface Pro and Surface Book deals, but you should shop smart: make sure you know what you are getting before you part with your cash. If you want to score a great deal on a Microsoft Surface, here's what to look out for. 

What is Microsoft Surface?

Surface is Microsoft's range of Windows tablets and ultraportable laptops. Currently it comprises the Surface 3Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Book. The Surface 3 is a 10in tablet that runs Windows 10 and starts at only £399 inc VAT. Scale up to £749 for a Surface Pro 4 and you get a more powerful Windows tablet with a 12in display. The Surface Book is an ultrathin laptop with a 13in touchscreen. It starts at £1,104 inc VAT. Like we said, they aren't cheap!

Should I buy Microsoft Surface?

Not cheap, but still excellent value if they are what you need. All of the Surface designs represent wonderful engineering. They are hugely powerful PCs in tiny frames, and that takes some doing. But they are not for everyone.

For one thing, don't confuse a Surface tablet with an iPad or an Android tablet. These are not gadgets, they are power PCs in gadget's clothing. If you don't need that level of performance and portability, scale down your ambitions. And be sure to factor in the full costs. Neither of the tablets come with the (impressive) keyboard cover you will need to make them fully operational - for that you have to pay out more.

Unless, that is, Microsoft does some good bundled deals. Stay tuned to find out first.

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