Headphones Deals 2017

Now is the perfect time to grab a bargain if shopping for headphones. From expensive audiophile cans to wireless headsets through cheap earbuds, we've got the best headphones deals today.

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Headphones Deals 2017

The cost of headphones is the tax we all have to pay for listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts as we lug about. But not all headphones are made the same. From true audiophile performance through wireless headsets to inexpensive wired earbuds there is much to choose from - and you can spend as much as you like. If you want to score a great deal on headphones, earphones or earbuds, here's what to look out for. 

Headphones: wired or wireless, in-ear, over ear and more

The names given to the various types of headphones may seem self-explanatory, but it is easy only if you know how. 'In-ears' are small earbuds that fit into your ear canal. They are generally considered the most convenient (especially for exercisers), with the best audio exclusion, but not everyone finds it comfortable to have a speaker inserted in their ear.

'On-ear' headphones have a headband, and the cup sits on your ear. They can be more comfortable, but sound can leak. 'Over-ear' have larger cups so encompass your ear. These can be especially comfortable to wear, and typically have the best noise isolation. But you will notice them, and they can be bulky to carry about.

Most headphones are wired, but wireless headphones are available. Usually these connect via Bluetooth. In the past Bluetooth headphones often produced a cold or soulless sound, but these days that is rarely the case. Bluetooth headsets are usually over ear, as they need a bit of bulk for all the technical gubbins. But pairing them is pretty straightforward these days. The only real challenge is battery life: you will need to charge up your headphones, and Bluetooth does drain your smartphone battery somewhat.

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