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PC Advisor's favourite cameras are better than ever thanks to low prices in sales events across the web. Everything from DSLR cameras to compact cameras are at their cheapest yet - be quick before they're gone!

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Camera Deals 2017

Cameras and camera accessories are among the most discounted tech you can buy right now. You'll find great deals on everything from the cheap and cheerful compact cameras to top-of-the-range DSLRs. PC Advisor will help you find the best camera deal for you, and you can start with our expert camera-buying advice.

Cameras: DSLR, compact, bridge or CSC

There are four main types of camera available, and which you choose will depend on how much you're willing to spend, and what you want to achieve with your new camera. The cheapest and most suitable to someone looking for a camera to capture simple holiday memories, for example, is a compact camera. You might also want to consider a bridge camera, which are generally quite affordable too and give better quality photos but are more user-friendly and suited to beginners than a CSC or DSLR.

If you've got a bit more budget and want to capture photos that are professional quality images, a CSC or DSLR is the best option. A CSC, which stands for Compact System Camera, offers the ability to change lenses and completely control your image but doesn't sacrifice portability. These are a newer type of camera and can get pretty pricey.

Most professionals and keen amateurs will opt for a DSLR, though. Their prices can differ dramatically depending on the features they offer, but you'll get the most versatility from a DSLR and are likely to hold onto this investment for many years to come.

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