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Latest SMB Tech Buying Advice

  • Buying Advice: Office for iPad, iPhone and Android FAQs

    Everything you need to know about Office for iPad, Office for iPhone and Office for Android. Including how to get Office for iPad for free, how to get Office for iPhone and more.

  • Buying Advice: How to choose a laptop below £500

    If you're looking to buy a budget laptop but aren't exactly sure what you need to look for, then don't panic. Here's a guide that will show you how to choose a laptop and what features/specs you need to look out for.

  • Buying Advice: Should I buy a Windows laptop or a Chromebook?

    We advise a PC Advisor reader who wants a basic computer and is choosing between a Windows laptop and a Google Chromebook, and explain how to use Office on a Chromebook.

  • Buying Advice: How good is public Wi-Fi? We test The Cloud, BT and O2

    We spent a day traipsing around London with Broadband Genie to find out whether public Wi-Fi hotspots offer sufficient coverage that you don't need a cellular connection. How good is public Wi-Fi? Read on to find out.

  • Buying Advice: New Mac Pro release date, specs and price

    Here we have full Mac Pro release date and price information, plus specifications.

  • Buying Advice: MacBook Pro features, specification, UK release date

    The new MacBook Pro laptops all come with Apple's super sharp Retina Display. Here we round up the new MacBook Air features, specification, UK release date and price.

  • Buying Advice: Which tablet should I buy?

    How to choose a tablet PC. We tell you which tablet to buy: is iPad, Android, Windows 8 or BlackBerry best for you? Plus: how much to spend on a tablet.

  • Buying Advice: All-in-one PCs buying advice: guide to buying an all-in-one PC

    All-in-one PCs have once again been brought to the fore with the release of Microsoft’s touch-friendly Windows 8 OS.

  • Buying Advice: Busines PCs buying advice (early 2013)

    Here's some expert advice about what to look out for when buying a business PC.

  • Buying Advice: Western Digital WD RE 4TB review: first 4TB disk from WD

    After more than six months there are finally some more options among 4 TB disks. With the Western Digital WD RE 4TB, WD has created a high-performance 4TB for servers. If you're looking to fill a server with as much storage capacity as possible, then the Western Digital WD RE 4TB is your hard disk.

  • Buying Advice: Sandisk Extreme SSD 120GB/240GB review: too little too late?

    With these Extreme SSDs, SanDisk has proven it can make quality SSDs with reasonable performance. Unlike the SanDisk U100 SSDs from its OEM division that perform more like USB sticks in 2.5-inch format, the Extreme SSDs do perform well. And when an important party like SanDisk enters the consumer SSD market, that's only good news for both competition and innovation.

  • Buying Advice: ASUS MX279 review: 27-inch design monitor

    ASUS announced its new 'Designo' monitors several months back, and we recently managed to get our hands on one of them. We tested the 27-inch MX279H, a monitor with a striking design. It has an elegant base and aluminium frame, and has several similarities with the recently tested and excellent LG IPS277L. It will be interesting to find out how the two compare.

  • Buying Advice: ASUS PB278Q review: ASUS goes WQHD

    The ASUS PB278Q is a very stylish WQHD monitor. The colour fidelity is great even with factory settings, and the monitor has a very high contrast and brightness. When you enable overdrive, the response times are good enough for gaming. The energy consumption is low and the features are fairly complete, even if we would have liked to have a USB 3.0 hub. The features that ASUS did add are useful particularly for graphic designers.

  • Buying Advice: 2x Dell XPS 15 review: Core i7 or Core i5?

    The Dell XPS 15s are deluxe laptops that look great. This is true for both models we tested, but we definitely prefer the version with Core i7 and GT 640M over the one with Core i5 and GT 630M. The i7 version costs more of course, but it's worth the extra money. The processor is quite a bit faster, and you can actually play games with that graphics card.

  • Buying Advice: Review of Adata HV610, HD710 and HE720 external hard drives: Something for everyone

    A 2.5-inch external hard disk can provide that extra storage you need when you're on-the-go. Adata is one of the players in this market, so we tested three of their USB 3.0 DashDrive models with 500 GB of storage, the HV610, HD710 and HE720. Hardware.Info tested them to find out how they perform and what sets them apart.

  • Buying Advice: Buying advice: Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS

    Are you looking for a complete package for your business Windows network, and you're not too excited by a NAS based on Linux? Then the Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS may just be the ticket for you.

  • Buying Advice: Synology DS1512+ and DS1812+ NAS review: good performance with lots of disks

    If you're looking for a NAS with room for plenty of disks that's also fast and user-friendly, then the new Synology DS-1512+ and DS-1812+ are two models that should be on your wish list. They come equipped with the very comprehensive DSM 4.0 firmware, with space for either five or eight hard disks. You do have to reach pretty deep into your wallet for these NAS devices.

  • Buying Advice: Lenovo IdeaPad U410 review: affordable and powerful Ultrabook

    The Lenovo IdeaPad U410 is an affordable and powerful Ultrabook. Here's our Lenovo IdeaPad U410 buying advice.

  • Buying Advice: Thecus N5550 review: fast NAS with HDMI and USB 3.0

    Calling the Thecus N5550 a NAS is almost selling it short, because it's much more than that. It's a network server for at home or in the office, and you can use it to download files, as a digital photo album, and for connecting IP cameras. You can connect it to a computer obviously, but also tablets and smartphones let you access it via apps.

  • Buying Advice: Advertisement: Why your next office printer should be an inkjet printer

    However modest or successful your business, there are fixed costs that eat in to the profit margin. For a small business, these office overheads can represent a daunting proportion of the cost of running the company. The reduction in corporation tax from 26 to 24 percent will ease things a little, but for all George Osborne’s talk of earning our way out of recession, small business owners were given very little in this year’s Budget.

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