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More Components Buying Advice

  • Buying Advice: Ten 60/64 GB SSD round-up: small affordable SSDs

    SSDs have gone down in price a lot in recent months. It's now possible to find 64 GB SSDs for less than £50. That means that the cheapest SSDs are now on the same level as the most affordable hard drives, in theory taking away any arguments for not including an SSD in your (new) PC. Hardware.Info took a closer look at 10 small SSDs to find out which is the one to get.

  • Buying Advice: Corsair AX1200i 1200W review: a new benchmark in high-end PSUs

    Today Corsair introduced the AX1200i power supply it had announced at Computex. This isn't just any power supply, it's the first PSU for high-end desktop PCs to use digital control. The DSP is supposed to ensure extremely high efficiency and very low ripple values. It also comes with interesting features such as the ability to monitor and adjust vital parts of the PSU with software.

  • Buying Advice: ASUS Maximus V Extreme review: ultimate Z77 board for overclockers

    The Maximus V Extreme is ASUS' flagship Z77 motherboard, and that's reflected by its £310 price tag. That's actually about £45 more than you can spend on the most high-end Ivy Bridge CPU. Fortunately you do get something for your money. ASUS has pretty much added any feature that could be even remotely useful for overclockers, which is also the intended audience for this board.

  • Buying Advice: Sharkoon T28 review: a colourful computer case

    The affordable price tag of the Sharkoon T28 places it in the lower mid-range price bracket for a PC case, but for that range it has an uncharacteristically full set of features with the three fans, a USB 3.0 port and a side-window. It's not a very large cabinet with measurements of 44 x 20 x 48 cm and a volume of 44 litres. It makes it one of the smaller chassis we've tested, and its slightly more than 6.5 kg weight is pretty light for a steel case.

  • Buying Advice: Corsair Obsidian 550D vs Cooler Master Silencio 650

    Cooler Master recently introduced the Silencio 650, and Corsair released the Obsidian 550D, both cases in a similar price bracket and with an explicit emphasis on silent running. We took a closer look at both chassis to see which one cools the best and makes the least amount of noise.

  • Buying Advice: Eight Intel H77 motherboards round-up: affordable Ivy Bridge systems

    If you're not planning on overclocking and won't be using more than one graphics card, then there is a more affordable version available of the Ivy Bridge chipset called Intel H77.

  • Buying Advice: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550W review: high-end power supply

    The 550-watt Dark Power Pro 10 is a modular power supply, and comes with very solid connectors. You get 7 molex and 9 SATA connectors in the box. Here's our Dark Power Pro 10 review.

  • Buying Advice: Tested: 32 Best motherboards for Ivy Bridge PCs

    We put 32 Intel z77 motherboards to the test, using Intel Ivy Bridge systems. Here are the 32 best motherboards for Ivy Bridge PCs.

  • Buying Advice: Ivy Bridge graphics kills budget graphics cards

    Our Ivy Bridge graphics tests show that with the introduction of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, new PCs really don't need entry-level graphics cards anymore. Budget graphics cards are no longer required.

  • Buying Advice: Blu-ray buyers' guide: what you need to know

    Everything you need to know if you are buying a Blu-ray Disc drive, or a Blu-ray Disc player.

  • Buying Advice: How to choose a graphics card

    Updating a PC or laptop's graphics card can be a cost-effective upgrade. A graphics card upgrade allows your PC to play games smoothly at higher resolutions, with more special effects, but there are plenty of options and potential pitfalls to consider.

  • Buying Advice: Graphics Cards Buying Advice

    Desktop PC graphics cards are more powerful than any games console. Orestis Bastounis looks at the cards that can run modern games in all their intended glory and also boost everyday visuals

  • Buying Advice: Are two separate memory modules better than one?

    A reader contacted us to ask whether it is better to have two separate modules of RAM, or a single 4GB module. Our Helproom expert offers some advice.

  • Buying Advice: Graphics cards buying advice

    Updating the graphics card in your PC is one of the most effective and cost-effective upgrades you can undertake. But with some graphics cards costing upwards of £300 you need to make sure you shell out for the correct device. Here's our graphics card buying advice.

  • Buying Advice: PC upgrades buying advice: what components should I buy?

    If you're upgrading your PC, you need to decide which components to buy. Here's PC Advisor's guide to PC components. For more on upgrading your PC, visit Upgrade Advisor.

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