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The Galaxy S5 launches in the UK on 11 April 2014. We find the best UK deals on the Galaxy S5 - Samsung's latest flagship Android phone. Here's where to buy the Galaxy S5 in the UK.

If you want to know more about the Galaxy S5 smartphone, read our Galaxy S5 review, as well as Samsung Galaxy S5: release date, specs and price.

This brand new smartphone is sure to be a hit, combining next-gen specs new features such as a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, 16Mp camera and waterproof design. We're not sure it is the best phone out there, as you can see from our articles the UK's best Android smartphones of 2014 and the 22 best smartphones of 2014.

However, if you are reading the story the chances are you have already decided to choose the Galaxy S5 over new rivals such as the HTC One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z. So without further ado here's where you can buy the Galaxy S5 in the UK. 

So far as we can tell only the 16GB Galaxy S5 is currently available in the UK.

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Where to buy Galaxy S5 from high-street retailers

Galaxy S5 at Carphone Warehouse

Carphone is offering the 16GB Galaxy S5 SIM-free for £569.95. It has white and black stock available now, with the blue version available by 20 April, and the gold - previously thought to be a Vodafone exclusive - coming by May 20. Carphone Warehouse contract deals for the Galaxy S5 start from £38 per month with a £49 upfront cost. And if you order before April 11 you can get £100 cashback. You can find the Carphone Warehouse deals here.

Graham Stapleton, CEO of Carphone Warehouse said: "Carphone Warehouse will be one of the first outlet retailers to bring the S5 to consumers in the UK and we know our customers are eager to get their hands on it." See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S5 comparison review.

Galaxy S5 at Phones 4U

Phone4U is also offering the Galaxy S5 SIM free for £569.95. You can pick it up on a PAYG deal with Vodafone, Orange or T-Mobile for £559.95. Contract deals start from free for £42 per month. As far as we can tell Phones4U has the Galaxy S5 only in black. You can find the Phones4U deals on Galaxy S5 here.

Samsung Galaxy S5 colours

Best deals on Galaxy S5: where to buy Galaxy S5 from network operators

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Three

Three's deal for the Galaxy S5 offers 4G at no extra cost, no roaming charges in 11 destinations including the US and a promise of no price hikes.

Three is the first to reveal pricing for the Galaxy S5 and has said consumers will have to pay an upfront cost of £69 then choose one of four different 24 month price plans. These start at £38 per month with for 600 minutes and 2GB of data, up to £44 a month for unlimited minutes and all-you-can-eat data.

We may be wrong but it looked to us that Three was offering only the black Galaxy S5.

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Vodafone

You can get the Galaxy S5 with Vodafone. The network said it's 'everything you would hope for from a follow up to the best-selling Android phone in history' and will be offering it on its Red 4G plans among others.

Vodafone will be the only place you can get the copper gold Galaxy S5, it has confirmed.

Vodafone appears to have black, white, blue and gold Galaxy S5 phones in stock and available now. You can pick up a handset for free if you sign up to a £47 a month deal, or pay just £34 a month if you front up £169 (the latter deal offers only 250MB data, however). You can see all the Vodafone deals on Galaxy S5 here.

Galaxy S5 copper gold vodafone

Best deals on Galaxy S5: O2

O2 will sell you a black or a white Galaxy S5 now, and will have blue ones next week and gold ones by the end of May, it says.

The cheapest 'free' tariff will set you back £48 a month. Shell out £69 up front and you can pay just £38. PAYG is 'coming soon' according to O2, and you can register for updates on the O2 Galaxy S5 page

Best deals on Galaxy S5: EE

Formerly Everything Everywhere, EE will also be selling the Galaxy S5 on its 4G network but customers should also be able to get it on Orange and T-Mobile (both owned by EE). It is currently saying to expect delivery 'within 28 days' for black, white and blue Samsung Galaxy S5 models.

Shell our £9.99 and you can get a Galaxy S5 for £49.99 a month. For an upfront payment of £439.99 you can pay just £13.99. Find out more on EE's Galaxy S5 deals page.

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Virgin Media

Yet another network which will offer you the Galaxy S5 is Virgin Media. Customers of Virgin Media's broadband and TV services who take the S5 on contract will exclusively get inclusive insurance and £10 off their monthly tariff.

Virgin Media told us on 11 April that 'the S5 is now available in store and on our website'.

Virgin will offer you a Galaxy S5 from £29 a month with a £99 up front payment. Or you can pay £37 a month with a £29 up front payment - but only if you have Virgin broadband, TV or home phone.

If you use other services the fees jump to £39 a month with £99 up front, or £47 a month with £29 up front. Find out more on Virgin's Galaxy S5 deals page.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price

Where to buy the Galaxy S5: Online retailers

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Clove

Clove is one of the only retailers to actually put a price tag on the Galaxy S5 and it's £522 inc VAT on a SIM-free basism available now in black, white or blue. The price is subject to change and like O2, the copper gold model is nowhere to be seen. You can pre-order and register to be notified when the smartphone becomes available.

Update: Clove today posted the following message -

The Samsung Galaxy S5 official launch date is today, Friday 11th April.

Stock was expected to arrive from Samsung and begin shipping today.  However Samsung have delayed the arrival of the SIM free stock to online retailers including Clove Technology.

As a consequence any order placed with Clove will not be shipping today and will do so when stock arrive.

This is extremely disappointing and we can only apologise, but this delay is out of our control.

At this time we do not have a confirmed arrival date for the stock, but have been told we can expect units next week – week commencing 14th April.

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Unlocked Mobiles

Another retailer to boldly put a price on the Galaxy S5 is Unlocked Mobiles, which is a little bit more expensive than is Clove at £549. It also has no copper gold model listed.

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Handtec

Online retailer Handtec has a slightly lower price on the black Galaxy S5 at £522 inc VAT (SIM-free). You can pre-order or be notified when the Galaxy S5 is available.

Best deals on Galaxy S5:

There are no SIM-free pricing details for the Galaxy S5 at, but you can sign up for contract deals via that site.

Best deals on Galaxy S5: Expansys

You can purchase the Galaxy S5 at Expansys in all colours, according to that website. It'll be interesting to see if they have stock on the gold Galaxy S5 right now. Expansys lists the Galaxy S5 at £559 inc VAT.

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Samsung Galaxy S5: Where to buy