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More Smartphones Buying Advice

  • Buying Advice: Galaxy S4 UK price and availability

    The Galaxy S4 has been officially announced, and will be available in the UK for April 27. Here are the latest details on network availability and UK price for the Galaxy S4 now that pre-orders are being taken. We'll be updating this story as more info comes in.

  • Buying Advice: What is the best music streaming service: Spotify alternatives?

    Spotify is a truly great music streaming service but it has its drawbacks. Here's a list of five Spotify alternatives for you to check out.

  • Buying Advice: Best place to buy Nexus 4

    At the right price the Nexus 4 is the best Android phone around right now. But only if you shop sensibly. Here's how to grab a bargain when buying the Nexus 4. Updated, 15 January.

  • Buying Advice: Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone 8

    If you are in the market for a new smartphone, the choice can be bewildering. Here's our advice on how to choose your next mobile phone.

  • Buying Advice: Best apps for a Nexus 4

    Google has blown the smartphone market wide open with the Nexus 4. Its low price has attracted the interest of the masses to the point of the device selling out multiple times already. If you're one of the lucky ones to have got your hands on the flagship Android phone, here's what we think are some of the best apps for a Nexus 4.

  • Buying Advice: Nokia Lumia 920 versus HTC 8X: Windows Phone 8 showdown

    We compared the high-end Windows 8 phones from HTC and Nokia, the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920. Both feature a powerful dual-core processor, a unibody design, and a high-res display. We tested them to find out which one is best.

  • Buying Advice: Best place to buy a smartphone

    The best places from which to buy a smartphone, including high street stores and supermarkets, direct from vendors and via online retailers.

  • Buying Advice: Which is better: Android or Windows Phone?

    One of the questions we are asked most often is which is better: Android or Windows Phone? The good news for smartphone fans who don't fancy being locked into Apple's world or tied to a BlackBerry is that there are now two great alternatives: Google Android and Windows Phone. Here we compare Android and Windows Phone.

  • Buying Advice: Celluon Magic Cube review: laser keyboard

    It still looks and feels like science fiction, but this actually works. With the Magic Cube from Celluon you can create a fully functional keyboard on any surface, that types much better than the mini-keyboards on your average smartphone. The added value for tablets is more limited, because for those there are many more alternatives in terms of external keyboards.

  • Buying Advice: EE 4G in the UK: what you need to know

    EE, formally Everything Everywhere, has switched on its 4G mobile network in the UK today so we're here to answer all your burning questions.

  • Buying Advice: How to get the best price on tech

    Tips on how to find the right technology product at the right price. Here's how to grab a bargain when buying a laptop, tablet, smartphone and more.

  • Buying Advice: iPhone 5 UK price and mobile network round-up

    Everything you need to know about getting your hands on Apple's new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5, and get the best deal.

  • Buying Advice: Should I upgrade to Windows Phone 8?

    Is it worth upgrading to Windows Phone 8? Windows Phone 8 has been extended, further developed and improved compared to version 7.5. We've taken a look at the new features and changes so you can decide.

  • Buying Advice: Samsung Galaxy Note II: Bigger, faster, better

    In the end it's the speed and quality of the large display that are the strongest selling points of the Note II. Together with the fine-tuned version of TouchWiz it makes the Samsung Galaxy Note II the high-end Android smartphone currently around, as long as you don't mind the size.

  • Buying Advice: Alcatel One Touch 991D review: full-touch smartphone for £120

    In the end there are three reasons to buy the Alcatel One Touch 991D. First of all it's a very affordable smartphone at £120, that's entirely touch operated. The dual-SIM feature is also a unique selling point, with various applications. The third reason to get the One Touch 991D is the excellent battery life.

  • Buying Advice: Should I upgrade to iPhone 5 from iPhone 4?

    If you own an iPhone 4 you may be wondering whether an upgrade to the iPhone 5 is in order. Here we analyse the difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, and assess whether you should upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. If you are an iPhone 4S user, turn to our story: Should I upgrade from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5.

  • Buying Advice: Benchmarks: Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Apple iPhone 5

    Samsung's new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, became available yesterday. Hardware.Info put Samsung's latest Android device next to Apple's iPhone 5 to find out how the current top-of-the-line smart phones compare to each other. Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Note II above the Galaxy S III.

  • Buying Advice: Hands on with the iPhone 5

    Apple recently launched the iPhone 5, the sixth generation of its ground-breaking smartphone, running iOS 6. Here is our initial hands on with the iPhone 5, from 12 September. Read our full iPhone 5 review for the definitive verdict.

  • Buying Advice: Should I upgrade to iPhone 5 from iPhone 4S?

    A lot of people will be upgrading to the iPhone 5 from their old 3GS or 4, and that upgrade is practically a no-brainer. However, if you have a 4S, either on contract or bought outright, should you upgrade?

  • Buying Advice: Apple iPhone 5 nano-SIM: what you need to know

    What you need to know about the nano-SIM card that's widely believed to be the SIM of choice for the new Apple iPhone.

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