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Sony vs Apple laptops: which is best?

Apple laptops and Sony laptops compared

We continue our comparison of Sony and Apple laptops with a look at software and security.

Sony vs Apple laptops: software and security

Along side value and build quality, there is one obvious distinction to be made between Apple laptops and Sony laptops. The former are Macs running Mac OS X, and the latter run Windows - Windows 8 right now.

There's not enough room on the internet to fully explore the differing strengths and weaknesses of Windows and OS X. They are both fully featured and stable operating systems supported by a whole ecosystem of third-party software programs available either direct through app stores or on the open internet. If you've used one the learning curve in moving to the other will be smaller than you think.

There are critical differences though. Windows is still be far the most popular desktop computer OS on the planet, and that brings with it good and bad points. On the positive side every major software program you know is available for Windows, including virtually all games titles. And you can choose from a greater variety of PCs, which in part explains Apple's absence from the bottom end of the market.

On the flip side Apple is more secure - principally because it is a Unix OS which makes it harder to attack, but also because criminals tend to go for the low-hanging fruit in the Windows world. you'll need to install security software on your Sony laptop, and that needn't be the case with a Mac. And where the Windows world has arguably more variety in terms of hardware, Apple fans would point out that every OS X PC is made by Apple to a bespoke specification, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

Finally, iIf you want to run both Windows and OS X there is only one option: get a Mac and dual boot it. This is because Apple won't allow OS X to run on a Windows machine, but it is a competitive advantage for Apple.

Sony vs Apple laptops: verdict

The bottom line is, as so often with Apple, that if you are prepared to pay what seems like more than the going rate you can rest assured that an Apple laptop is a high-quality product. You won't be envious looking at anyone else's machine. But if you want maximum specification for your money, take a look at Sony.

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