Unlike Apple devices, Androids do not come preloaded with an outstanding media player like iTunes. Although it may seem all doom and gloom at first, it really isn't. The Android Market is rammed with independent developers that produce quality apps for all your music needs.

Here are five music apps that we think you should take a look at if you want to enhance your Android's musical powers.

5. PowerAMP Full version £3.34powerAMP

This is an app that is designed for Android users who are serious about their music and their sound quality. With this app you get full control of an audio equaliser so you get finely tune your android device's output to suit your tastes. The app will even remember your chosen equaliser settings for each album and track. PowerAMP is also easy on the eye; you view album art work while listening to a track as well as sort and view your music by artists, albums and genre. A truly comprehensive music app.

Download the app here.

4. TuneIn Radio Pro £0.64

TuneInJust because FM tuners seem to be a thing of the past and the DAB is still rubbish, doesn't mean you should turn your back on the radio. There are thousands of good stations out there for you to enjoy. This is why this app is so good. For a puny 64 pence you can access over 50,000 radio stations from your android device and listen to them until your heart's content, all for no extra cost. TuneIn Radio has got intelligent category lists too, breaking down stations into specific genres like English Football or American Basketball rather than just the blanket term of Sport. You can also search for local radio stations via the app too. Well worth £0.64 (if you have unlimited data).

Download the app here.

3. iSync for Mac/PC £1.94

iSynciTunes is a great tool for sorting, playing and downloading music to your desktop computer or laptop, but it's a bit of a non-starter when it comes to syncing the program with your Android device. Luckily there is a solution to this in the form of an app called iSync. iSync will work directly with your iTunes library and sync your iTunes playlists straight onto your Android device. All you have to do is download the app, and connect your phone to your computer via a USB lead. You can even download an add-on for this app priced at £0.64 which will allow you to sync via you home Wi-Fi network. (Not yet supported on Android 3.0).

Download the app here.

2. Spotify £Free

SpotifyIf you've haven't heard of Spotify yet, then where have you been? Spotify could well be the future of how we listen to music and it's available to download on Android now too. Spotify is like the ultimate digital jukebox that gives your android access to 15 millions tracks all for free. There is a downside though, and it is that in-between some tracks you are going to have to listen to adverts that are so repetitive they may drive you crazy after a few days of listening to them. Spotify does offer a premium account for those who want to pay for their music and not have to suffer the pain of listening to the adverts.

Download the app here.

1. Winamp £Free

WinampIt's best to think of Winamp as the best bits from TuneIn Radio and iSync rolled into one amazing free Android app. With WinAmp you can seamlessly manage your Android's media with your desktop, listen to over 45,000 internet radio stations, wireless sync your device with desktop/iTunes and create playlists on the go. The nice chaps at Wimamp have even included a free music feature too.

Download the app here.