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Latest Apple Buying Advice

  • Buying Advice: iWatch release date, specs, price, features

    Apple is working on a smartwatch, set to launch this year. We investigate the latest analysis and rumours to bring you our predictions of the iWatch release, price, specs and features.

  • Buying Advice: Is the iPhone 5c 8GB a good deal?

    Apple has launched a cheaper 8GB version of the iPhone 5c, but is it a good deal? We take a look at it's price compared to other iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phone.

  • Buying Advice: What tablet should I buy in 2014?

    With so many models of tablet now available it can be a complicated business trying to work out which one is the one you need. In this test we take twenty of the most popular models and put them through their paces. Here's where we help you decide what tablet you should buy in 2014.

  • Buying Advice: Windows tablet vs iPad Air

    We look at the value, performance and functionality offered by Windows tablets compared with iPads such as the iPad Air. It's Windows tablet vs iPad Air and everyone wins.

  • Buying Advice: What is a smartwatch?

    We explain the ins and outs of smartwatches. What are they, what can they do, how much do they cost and what to consider before buying.

  • Buying Advice: Sky Now TV vs Apple TV comparison review

    Should you get a Sky Now TV Box and pay for Sky TV on an ad hoc basis, or buy an Apple TV and purchase music, movies and TV from iTunes? We compare the Sky Now TV Box with Now TV, and the Apple TV with iTunes. Which is best for you? Read PC Advisor's Sky Now TV vs Apple TV comparison.

  • Buying Advice: Best new smartphones of 2014

    We explain what to expect by way of new phone launches in 2014, looking at several important phone makers: Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. There are some great new phones launching in 2014, so read on to find out about the Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, Lumia 929 and more. It's the best new smartphones of 2014.

  • Buying Advice: Smartphone buying advice 2013

    If you're looking to buy a smartphone but aren't quite sure what to look out for then you've come to the right place. Here is where we take you through all the key areas you need to consider when buying a smartphone this year. Keep reading for smartphone buying advice in 2013.

  • Buying Advice: Netflix vs Apple TV vs LoveFilm vs Now TV

    Confused about what the differences are between Netflix, Apple TV, LoveFilm and Now TV? We explain all you need to know in this comparison.

  • Buying Advice: What is Black Friday?

    The term Black Friday is relatively new in the UK, here's where we tell you about its origins and what it means for you with regards to discounts when shopping with Apple and Amazon on that day.

  • Buying Advice: The 12 best smartphones for Christmas 2013

    Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The 12 best smartphones to give this Christmas.

  • Buying Advice: What is a Retina display on an iPad?

    What's a Retina display, and what are the advantages of buying an iPad with a Retina display? In this article we explain the benefits of getting a more expensive iPad with a Retina display, and the reasons for and against doing so.

  • Buying Advice: 10 best tablets to gift for Christmas 2013

    Here's where we tall you what you need to look out for if you're thinking about giving a tablet to someone this Christmas. Keep reading to find out what the 10 best tablets to gift for Christmas in 2013 are.

  • Buying Advice: The 12 best games and gaming buys for Christmas 2013

    Which are the best games for Christmas 2013? Find out in our countdown of the 12 best games (and gaming buys) of 2013.

  • Buying Advice: 12 best kid's tablets for Christmas 2013

    This time 24 months ago your child probably hadn't heard of a tablet, now the chances are that a tablet is top of your kid's Christmas list. Here's where we adivse you what tablets are best to gift your kids this Christmas, as well as giving you some tips on what to look out for.

  • Buying Advice: New Mac Pro release date, specs and price

    Here we have full Mac Pro release date and price information, plus specifications.

  • Buying Advice: MacBook Pro features, specification, UK release date

    The new MacBook Pro laptops all come with Apple's super sharp Retina Display. Here we round up the new MacBook Air features, specification, UK release date and price.

  • Buying Advice: Hudl shows Apple premium is not worth paying

    Apple products can be expensive, but they tend to offer unsurpassed quality. However, a raft of new Android smartphones and tablets show that you don't need to pay for Apple or accept an inferior product.

  • Buying Advice: iPhone 5S price in the UK: Apple and network pricing

    Apple today launched the iPhone 5S. You can order the new iPhone 5S in the UK from September 20 2013. Here we outline the iPhone 5S price in the UK, and answer the question: how much will the iPhone 5S cost in the UK?

  • Buying Advice: How to buy a second-hand phone

    We explain how to choose the best secondhand phone, and offer advice on buying a used smartphone.

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