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  • Martyn Casserly

    Martyn Casserly

    Martyn Casserly is a freelance journalist who has writes regularly for PC Advisor. He also writes for MacWorld, Wired, Web User, GamesTM, Retro Gamer, along with many non-tech-related publications. When not hunched over a laptop in a manner that would make an osteopath weep, he dabbles in creating music, podcasts, and children. He blogs at www.livingwiththefuture.com.

  • Paul Monckton

    Paul Monckton

    Paul Monckton is a freelance journalist and regular contributor to PC Advisor. He has been writing about technology since the early nineties and specialises in PCs, graphics cards, imaging technologies and photography.

  • Ashleigh Allsopp

    Ashleigh Allsopp

    Ashleigh is Engagement Editor for PC Advisor. She keeps readers up to date with the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials. She particularly enjoys spreading the gossip about upcoming Apple products and pondering over leaked parts. When she isn’t busy typing about tech, Ashleigh can be found with her head buried in a novel. Unless there’s a McFly concert happening somewhere.

  • Neil Bennett

    Neil Bennett

    Editor of Digital Arts. Man about town. Music snob. Father. You know the rest

  • Simon Williams

    Simon Williams

    Tech journalist, sometime singer (beard, sandals, folk) , 59, live on the edge of Dartmoor, where I'm really at home.

  • Lewis Painter

    Lewis Painter

    Lewis Painter is a 23-year-old technology journalist and staff writer at IDG UK Tech Media, writing articles on a variety of tech-related topics for PC Advisor and its sister websites Macworld UK and Tech Advisor. Lewis has always had an interest in technology, and started writing about his favourite gadgets and phone accessories four years ago. He has a particular interest in the Internet of Things and 'smart' accessories.

  • Roberta Alidori

    Roberta Alidori

    Roberta Alidori is a university student of Politics and Sociology and IDG UK Tech Media's newest intern. She loves writing, being up-to-date and spreading information among people. She wishes to continue her studies after university, attending a Master in International Journalism and being qualified as a professional journalist. When she is not travelling, she can be found plunged in a new story from one of her favourite classic authors.

  • Christopher Minasians

    Christopher Minasians

    Christopher is PC Advisor's Staff Writer and has been reviewing consumer technology on his website and YouTube for more than 8 years. He holds a strong passion for technology, and his specialities lie in audio, smartphones, computers, visual displays and PC peripherals. Christopher also has experience in the world of PR, having previously worked in the field for two years.

  • Matt Egan

    Matt Egan

    Matt Egan is Editorial Director of IDG UK, publisher of PC Advisor, having worked for the UK's best-read technology magazine and website since 2003. A passionate technology fan who writes on subjects as diverse as smartphones, internet security, social media and Windows, in his spare time Matt enjoys playing football (badly) and singing in a band (also badly).

  • Simon Jary

    Simon Jary

    Simon is the publisher of PC Advisor, and is also a contributing editor of Macworld – having edited Macworld for 10 years through Apple's darkest days to the triumphant return of Steve Jobs (with whom he shares initials and birthday, but is sadly allergic to apples). Simon covers all things Apple, home networking, educational apps, energy-saving gear and tips, mobile accessories, and kids technology with daughter @LexiJary.

  • Peter Thomas

    Peter Thomas

    Peter has been keeping an eye on the forums for the past ten years, juggling his online time with his other life as an IT consultant.

  • Paul Trotter

    Paul Trotter

    Paul Trotter is Head of Mobile and Chief Content Officer at IDG, the world’s largest technology publishing company.

  • Andrew Harrison

    Andrew Harrison

    Andrew Harrison is a freelance technical reviewer, who likes writing and editing product reviews as well as overseeing the testing of PCs and laptops. When not at his desk, Andrew can be found probing the latest tech, devising novel ways to evaluate products.

  • Jim Martin

    Jim Martin

    Jim is Editor of PC Advisor and has been testing and reviewing both hardware and software for over 15 years. These days his specialities include wearable tech, drones, iOS and Windows 10. Jim is also a proud dad, drinker (and brewer) of real ale, petrolhead and motorsport fan.

  • Marie Brewis

    Marie Brewis

    Marie is Group Managing Editor of PC Advisor and, with a BA (Hons) Journalism degree under her belt, a regular contributor of reviews, tips and tricks. Her speciality is Android, and what she doesn't know about phones and tablets isn't worth knowing. She's also our resident social media guru, and can regularly be found on Facebook spreading technology information to the masses. Or at least that's what she tells us.

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