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  • News: Apple appeals iPad trademark decision in China

    Apple has appealed a Chinese court ruling last December that rejected its ownership of the iPad trademark in the country, and could expose the company to trademark infringement lawsuits from a local company.

  • News: Oracle handed setback in HP Itanium case

    A court in California rejected Oracle's bid to use a fraud claim to undo an agreement to support the Itanium processor, that it is said to have made with Hewlett-Packard.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Scratch that

    Apple's new lottery system in Hong Kong doesn't yet involve scratch tickets, but the company made plenty of scratch last quarter, and the Steve Jobs quotes and pictures going up around Apple's campus only scratch the surface of the man. The remainders for Monday, January 30, 2012 are here to scratch your itch.

  • News: Lack of data scientists is the new Von Neumann bottleneck

    Data is a huge presence within much of business and technology, and the next installment of the O'Reilly Strata Conference will provide attendees a look into the revolutionary ways data is driving, well, everything.

  • News: Forum: Sympathy for the devil

    I'm sure more than a few Computerworld readers will share my sense of unease about the recent events surrounding the file storage site Megaupload, its founder Kim Dotcom and the other alleged copyright infringement conspiracists.

  • Opinion: 4 Principles of Smart Social Campaigns for Business

    There's no shortage of talk about engagement in marketing circles, but really honestly engaging with people (not just customers, but any target audience) is a lot harder than most of us are willing to admit. It takes real work. It takes creativity. It takes a sincere desire to understand the people whose influence can elevate your brand. And, critically, it takes a commitment to create social content that resonates with the personalities you're trying to reach.

  • News: AT&T appoints chief strategy officer

    AT&T has appointed its first chief strategy officer to develop the company's road map, including long-term mobile capacity needs, the company announced Monday.

  • News: Apple in China: Should We Applaud Instead of Condemn?

    Apple publicly names its overseas suppliers. A New York Times article blasts working conditions there. CEO Tim Cook angrily rebukes the charges in an internal memo. Consumers call for a boycott of Apple products.

  • News: SOPA, PIPA, Anonymous: Can I have a little hope?

    I think when we look back at this January, we may view it as a turning point in how businesses protect their intellectual property (IP). Several key things happened:

  • News: FCC seeks public comment on LightSquared petition

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is seeking public comment on a petition by embattled mobile startup LightSquared that says GPS receivers aren't entitled to protection from interference.

  • News: Steve Jobs "was an incredible genius" - Bill Gates

    Former Microsoft boss and philanthropist Bill Gates said that he considers Steve Jobs to have been an "incredible genius" in a recent interview.

  • News: Are Google and Apple really 'monopolies'?

    You hear the word "monopoly" thrown around a lot these days, especially about Google and Apple.

  • News: Accuracy of NYT's workers' rights abuses articles challenged

    The accuracy of parts of a recent article in the New York Times criticising Apple for its complicity in the abuse of workers' rights in the Far East has been questioned.

  • Opinion: Megaupload User Data Could Be Wiped Out Thursday

    Fifty million Megaupload customers stand a good chance of being ticked off Thursday when two hosting companies will likely begin deleting user data - including legitimate, non-copyright infringing files - from Megaupload's leased servers, according to court documents. The move is part of the ongoing criminal copyright infringement case against the file-sharing site Megaupload.

  • News: F5 says Big-IP is a network firewall

    F5’s Big-IP application delivery controllers are now certified as network firewalls, meaning they can replace separate network firewalls businesses might already have in place to meet regulators’ requirements.

  • News: Twitter's country-specific blocking brings hazards and hope

    Twitter's move to comply with government requests and block tweets in specific countries could blunt its edge as a political tool, but there may be an upside in helping to unmask censorship, some privacy experts said Friday.

  • News: Mac pundits heap praise on 'brave' Microsoft

    "Graceful." "Elegant." Microsoft??! Three leading Mac luminaries risked certain death by lauding Microsoft's brave new Metro interface during a Macworld Expo panel session.

  • News: Rethink your approach to Cloud after Megaupload: University of Sydney

    The shuttering of Megaupload.com, the online storage site that became the home a variety of digital content, has demonstrated the importance of backing up content to multiple sources, according to University of Sydney.

  • News: Economic Uncertainty: Static Quo

    "2012 may mark the beginning of a new and more frightening phase of the world's worst economic calamity in three quarters of a century," prophesized Joseph Stiglitz, renowned economist and Nobel laureate, blithely crushing faint hopes of a happy new year.

  • News: Adscend denies Facebook, AG allegations

    Adscend Media, the defendant in lawsuits filed this week by Facebook and the Washington attorney general, on Friday denied the allegations in the complaints and shifted blame to its affiliates.

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