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  • News: FCC Fights Carrier Bill Shock

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has launched a Web page that tracks how major U.S. mobile carriers are alerting their customers who risk exceeding monthly usage limits for voice calls, data, SMS, and international roaming. The page is part of an agreement reached between the FCC and the CTIA wireless trade association in October to help users avoid high-priced overage charges on their monthly bills.

  • News: Claims of Apple's tax dodging are untrue

    A report last week accused Apple of 'tax dodging' in Britain, and now the Greenlining Institute has a report out claiming that Apple is avoiding paying tax in the United States, however, the Greenlining has got its maths wrong, claims Forbes.

  • News: Resolving Complaints: Can Small Claims Yield Big Wins?

    We've all been there: A new gadget doesn't deliver, a service plan lets you down, or a bill has bogus charges. Appeals to the company go nowhere, and you're left feeling cheated, frustrated, and powerless. Some disgruntled consumers, however, have taken their case to small claims court and gotten, if not complete vindication, at least the satisfaction of having their complaints heard--and, of course, a little cash for their trouble.

  • News: China Mobile first-quarter profit rises 3.5 percent

    China Mobile's first-quarter net profit rose 3.5 percent year on year, despite growing competition from rivals, the company reported Friday.

  • News: Microsoft income drops despite strong Windows sales

    Microsoft has reported a drop in net income after poor entertainment sales but saw good Windows adoption.

  • News: 4G smartphones, tablets to boom in 2012

    Despite concerns on consumer demand and varied LTE standards 4G devices, such as smartphones and tablets, look set to boom this year.

  • News: Apple, Google and others to face former employees' antitrust suit

    A federal court in California has ordered seven technology companies in the state including Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google to face a private antitrust suit from five former employees, who alleged that the companies conspired to eliminate competition between them for skilled labor to suppress compensation and mobility of employees.

  • News: Apple in talks with iPad trademark challenger to try and settle dispute

    Apple and a Chinese company have started talks to try and resolve an ongoing legal dispute over the iPad trademark, according to a lawyer involved in the case.

  • News: In Australia, an ISP prevails in long-running copyright dispute

    A long-running lawsuit against Australia's second-largest ISP has ended in a defeat for the entertainment industry, which sought to hold the ISP liable for copyright infringement on its network.

  • News: How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

    You've all seen --and envied--that viral video that gets millions of views seemingly overnight, the one everyone talks about for days. But does getting millions of views on YouTube translate into getting millions of dollars, or even thousands of dollars, in sales? And does adding video to your website or product pages really improve your search engine rankings and make people want to do business with you?

  • News: Remains of the Day: Instagone

    A high-profile user departs Instagram, Apple wants its day in court, and Greenpeace quizzes a couple of giants about their energy hygiene. The remainders for Thursday, April 19, 2012, are picture perfect.

  • News: Microsoft Q3 revenue grows almost across the board, beats Wall Street expectations

    Microsoft revenue grew across most of its businesses in the third quarter, with the exception of its entertainment division, but profit fell slightly, the company said on Thursday.

  • News: AMD reports Q1 loss on GlobalFoundries charge

    Advanced Micro Devices reported a first-quarter net loss Thursday as costs related to GlobalFoundries and its SeaMicro acquisition weighed on its earnings.

  • News: Microsoft Q3 revenue grows almost across the board, beats Wall Street expectations

    Microsoft revenue grew across most of its businesses in the third quarter, with the exception of its entertainment division, but profit fell slightly, the company said on Thursday.

  • News: 9 Tech Sector Groups Rally in Support of CISPA

    Leading trade associations back the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act ahead of next week's floor debate. However, privacy advocates continue to object to the controversial information-sharing bill.

  • News: Security, privacy ideas emerge at Demo Spring conference

    The cool new Internet ideas of yesteryear often create the headaches of today, and some startups at the Demo conference are starting to try to solve those problems.

  • News: NY AG sues Sprint for allegedly under-collecting $100 million in taxes

    New York state's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Sprint Nextel, alleging that the mobile provider has deliberately under-collected US$100 million worth of state and local sales taxes on mobile phone service.

  • News: Analyst says buy Apple stock before financial results announcement

    Shope has high hopes for the quarter based on the refreshed iPad, lower-priced iPad 2, and Apple’s ramped iPhone distribution channel. He expects that Apple to announce strong sales of iPad and iPhone for the quarter. He estimates that Apple sold approximately 31.1 million iPhones in the quarter, along with 12.5 million iPads.

  • News: Verizon revenue up on mobile, broadband growth

    Verizon Communications posted revenue and net income gains for the first quarter of 2012, with mobile and broadband customer additions driving the numbers.

  • Feature: UK home computing timeline

    April 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, but the BBC Micro, which arrived just a few short months earlier in 1982 is arguably the original ancestor of the smartphone or tablet you hold in your hand today. We chart the last three decades of British home computing history with our chronology of key events.

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