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  • News: Lookout Security rebuts rival's Android malware claims

    Researchers from Lookout Security disagreed with rival Symantec that 13 apps on the Android Market were malicious, instead saying that they showed the same behaviors as other ad-supported apps.

  • News: Aruba smashes security intrusions for Tennis Australia

    Tracking intrusions to the Tennis Australia network is easier this year due to an expanded partnership with Aruba Networks.

  • News: Dig deep into Lion: The best overlooked, underrated features

    Apple billed this summer's release of Mac OS X Lion as having more than 200 new features, but most coverage of Lion in the intervening months has focused on only a handful of them. While iOS-like navigation and app-launching interfaces, autosave/restore capabilities, AirDrop file sharing and an emergency restore partition are by all means important, there are a lot of helpful tweaks and enhancements that can easily be missed.

  • News: Maple Leaf Foods Digests Rapid, Vanilla ERP Transformation

    An interview with Michael McCain, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, and Jeff Hutchinson, CIO.

  • News: EHR app causes buzz at mobile health care summit

    A soon-to-be released medical application for smart phones was the talk of a Canadian mobile healthcare summit Thursday, not so much for what it will do but for the innovative way it's being developed.

  • News: Expo Notes: Abvio plans interface update for iOS fitness apps

    With the upcoming 7.0 update to its line of iOS fitness trackers, Abvio is cleaning up its act.

  • News: Salesforce.com customers say new analytics should be included in core fees

    Salesforce.com customers are sounding off about the fact that an upcoming Analytics Edition of the CRM (customer relationship management) software will have an additional price tag, saying that the functionality it includes should be part of their base subscriptions.

  • News: Macworld | iWorld goes on down to South Park, has itself a time

    Macworld | iWorld--the annual Mac conference--has taken on more than a new name this year, as it shifts its focus to the culture that Apple's products have helped foster. Perhaps it's fitting, then, that some of the creative team behind South Park headlined the talks at Moscone Center West on Thursday.

  • News: Cisco aims to simplify, unify collaboration products' design, interfaces

    Cisco is in the midst of a major initiative to better integrate its various collaboration products and to give their interfaces a uniform, consistent design in order to make them easier to use and more effective at helping employees work with each other.

  • Opinion: Coming Soon: An 'IBM Edition' of Apache OpenOffice

    IBM's Lotus Symphony office suite has offered users a free Microsoft Office alternative since 2007, but last week saw the release of what's very likely the last version of the software.

  • News: Expo Notes: Sandvox 2.5 Web design package boosts slideshow support

    Sandvox, the visual Web design and authoring package from Karelia Software, is forging ahead with new features in its version 2.5 update, which arrived just in time for Macworld | iWorld.

  • News: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 app fights malaria

    Microsoft has awarded an Imagine Cup Grant to a team that developed a custom Windows Phone 7 and application that can diagnose malaria then upload the data to cloud servers that map the data to help track outbreaks.

  • Opinion: Bugs & Fixes: Short URLs render Safari's history useless

    When I can't quite recall a critical detail from a webpage I visited a few days ago, I typically search Safari's History to locate it. Increasingly often, I am wasting my time.

  • News: Macworld | iWorld 2012 Best of Show winners

    The annual expo for Mac and iOS users has evolved to focus on the user community, but the Macworld | iWorld exhibit hall where companies show off their wares is still a huge part of the show--you might even say it's the most important part. Hundreds of products are on display, but a few stand out from the rest. We call these products the Best of Show.

  • News: Expo Notes: Office 2 HD for iPad takes aim at Pages

    Give Byte2 points for candor. A representative of the developer responsible for Office2 HD told me at Macworld | iWorld that Byte2's iPad-based office suite has the best word processor in the App Store--after Apple's Pages, that is.

  • News: Expo Notes: More stuff for the business folks

    If you'd just read the pre-show publicity about Macworld | iWorld, you might have thought it was all about art, music, and fun. But as I walk the show floor, I've been finding lots of Mac and iOS products for serious business use, too. Yesterday, I wrote about some announcements from Ntractive, Mindwrap, and Stellar Data Recovery. Here are three more intriguing business products I've seen since then.

  • News: Rubinstein leaves HP

    Jon Rubinstein, known for his role developing the original iPod for Apple and for running Palm, has left Hewlett-Packard, where he's worked since the company's acquisition of Palm.

  • News: Investors bet $16 million on growth in application delivery market

    When investment firm Edison Ventures decided to contribute the majority of a recent $16 million round of funding for application delivery controller provider Kemp Technologies, investment manager Lenard Marcus acknowledged that some initial risk was incurred.

  • News: French telecom regulator steps into dispute over Free Mobile's coverage

    ARCEP, the French telecommunications regulator, has promised to investigate whether new network operator Free Mobile is still offering the level of coverage required by its license, following complaints by employees of rival networks. But it also warned the company's critics to stop whining, saying that the existing three network operators had all failed to meet their coverage obligations at launch.

  • How-Tos: How to Prevent Thumb Drive Security Disasters

    Small USB flash drives can cause big security headaches. Learn how four very different organizations have managed to balance the need to allow employees to transfer files for legitimate business purposes with the need to prevent data leaks.

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