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  • Opinion: Five Steps to Mobile Device Management and Security

    First there were sewing-machine sized portable PCs, then laptops, the Newton, the Palm Pilot, and phones with built-in PDA functions. The iPhone led the way to the ubiquitous smartphone, and the iPad ushered in an era of tablets. Now wireless hotspots, printers, storage, and a variety of other devices are making their way onto your office network, possibly without the knowledge of managers.

  • News: Nokia picks new chip vendor for dual-core Windows Phones

    Nokia will use ST-Ericsson's dual-core NovaThor chips in future Windows Phones, the companies said on Wednesday.

  • Feature: Best Android apps: Five free data removal tools

    If you're planning on passing on your old Google Android smartphone, either to a friend or family member, or online through an auction site such as eBay or a mobile phone recycling service, it's worth remembering you should completely remove all your data before you hand your mobile phone over.

  • News: OpenFlow vs. programmable ASICs

    Can you program a network of multivendor switches and routers, all running different operating systems, command line interfaces and configuration routines, to work in concert when it comes to managing flows?

  • News: Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn

    Much has changed since we examined the ongoing war between Facebook and Twitter in the spring of 2010. The stakes are higher, the competition has increased, and we see LinkedIn and Google roaring into the social networking arena like never before.

  • News: Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business

    The battle between Microsoft and Google for office cloud dominance reminds me of the clash of the Titans. Microsoft and its classic on-premises business model is like Gaia, the earth goddess, and Google with its disruptive lightening bolt, is like Zeus, a sky god and a next generation kind of god.

  • News: Tech arguments: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry OS vs. Windows Phone

    Right now the mobile operating system wars have only two main combatants: Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

  • News: E-wallet vs. traditional wallet: Electronics trump the leather

    Will the day come when you will routinely leave the house every day without your leather or faux-leather wallet? You bet, at least for many folks.

  • News: Anonymity vs. real names on social networks

    Let's cut to the chase: This one is really about whether Facebook and the new kid on the block, Google+, should get to throw their considerable weight around by requiring that users post to their social-networking sites using real names.

  • News: Patent trolls vs. innovation

    When Google, Apple, Microsoft and the like bash each other about the corporate head and shoulders with their ever-expanding patent portfolios, no one worries that the legal-department combat will kill the companies' respective research and development operations.

  • News: iPad vs. Everything else

    We debated whether to call this piece "iPad vs. Motorola Xoom" or "iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" or whatever the Android tablet du jour is. But really it's still "iPad vs Everything Else."

  • News: Browser wars: IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Safari vs. Opera

    All eyes are on Google's Chrome browser as it battles Mozilla's Firefox in a tight fight for the No. 2 position behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is holding onto its market-leading share of the desktop browser market.

  • News: Allow social media vs. ban social media at work

    The pull of social media is proving hard to resist. Even the most buttoned-down institutions are rethinking bans and relaxing access to social networks and social media sites. But just how far are enterprises willing to wade into the sea of social media?

  • News: Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs Mac OS X Lion

    The Snow Leopard version of Mac OS X released in 2009 was widely hailed by Mac users. The version was leaner, much faster and more thoroughly integrated with applications than ever before. And then Apple unveiled its plans for the Lion version in late 2010.

  • News: Symantec unveils Norton Tablet Security

    Symantec has finally unveiled its Norton Tablet Security software designed to protect tablet PCs that run the Google Android platform.

  • News: Opera Mini 6.5 for Apple iPhone and BlackBerry launched

    Opera has made the latest version of its mobile browser, Opera Mini 6.5, available for Apple iPhones and iPads, BlackBerry's, Java-enable devices and handsets running Symbian S60.

  • News: iOS market share leaps in October

    The launch of the iPhone 4S coincided with a seven percent growth in the market share of iOS, according to figures from Net Applications.

  • News: Trinity Mirror in switch to cloud with Google Apps

    Trinity Mirror is adopting cloud computing systems for email, collaboration and documents, switching to Google Apps.

  • News: MF Global IT staff and systems on the block as broker-dealer seeks bankruptcy protection

    MF Global’s high profile collapse has raised fears over the future of its many IT staff, who have developed and run the complex technology systems it relies on.

  • News: Hands on with GarageBand for the iPhone and iPad

    It's no secret around these parts that we're pretty fond of GarageBand on iOS. Apple's mobile music app hits all the right notes, appealing to newbie musicians and professionals alike, offering massive amounts of functionality behind the guise of an easy-to-use interface and playful instrument designs; it's almost hard to believe the program has only been around since March.

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