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  • News: How to Choose a Mobile Carrier for Your Small Business

    Although you may have only a handful of major wireless providers to choose from, each offers an array of plans, services, devices, and pricing. Voice, messaging, and data aren’t the only options now that you have mobile Internet for laptops, tablets, and even mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • News: Stick It to the Man: How the Web Spurs Political Change

    From Egyptians chanting in Tahrir Square, to a lone woman protesting clear-cutting of ancient trees, to indigenous people fighting for a better life, activists across the globe have turned to online tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help bring about social and corporate change.

  • News: SAP confident of crossing $26 billion in revenue by 2015

    SAP said Wednesday that it had exceeded its guidance for revenue and profit in 2011, its best year in its 40-year history, and was positioned to exceed its revenue target of €20 billion (US$26 billion) in 2015.

  • News: Ubuntu 12.04 replaces application menus with 'heads up display'

    The 12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin’ release of Ubuntu Linux will allow users to abandon conventional application menus in favour of a “HUD” command line from which application commands can be summoned simply by typing them.

  • News: Video: App Review, Episode 1 - Travel apps

    In our first IDG App Review we take a look at apps for travelers including Flight Track, Kayak, Flight Control and others.

  • News: Tibco adds geolocation to its Tibbr social platform

    Tibco has added geolocation technology to its Tibbr enterprise social-networking platform, in a move that will allow companies to use physical spaces as "data hubs," or launching points for information delivery and collection.

  • News: Node.js inventor extends JavaScript programming beyond browsers

    Interview: Ryan Dahl discusses why his invention is catching fire with developers

  • How-Tos: How to purchase an app from the Android Market

    As well as offering thousands of free apps, the Android Market, which is Google's offical app store for smartphones and tablet PCs running its Google Android operating system, also offers plenty of paid-for apps that are priced from 62p upwards.

  • Feature: Best Android apps: Five free apps for astronomy

    There's thousands of apps available that let you do everything from save money to watch TV on your smartphone

  • News: SAP confident of crossing $26 billion in revenue by 2015

    SAP said Wednesday that it had exceeded its guidance for revenue and profit in 2011, its best year in its 40-year history, and was positioned to exceed its revenue target of €20 billion (US$26 billion) in 2015.

  • News: 4 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

    This Saturday, Jan. 28, is Data Privacy Day. DPD, as it's known, is a day to "increase awareness of privacy and data protection issues among consumers, organizations and government officials and help industry, academia, and advocates to highlight consumer privacy efforts."

  • News: Apple crushes sales records, hits revenue 'home run'

    Apple on Tuesday announced it had smashed sales records of the iPhone, iPad and Mac in the final quarter of 2011, the first reporting period after the death of former CEO Steve Jobs.

  • News: Oracle to take third stab at damages estimate in Google case

    Oracle agreed on Tuesday to bear the costs of a third attempt at estimating damages in its lawsuit against Google, rather than postpone the damages claims.

  • How-Tos: Reinstalling Software Leads to Loss of Key Feature

    I bought an audio editor called WavePad from software maker NCH in February 2010. It worked fine until a month ago, when I received messages saying that the "14-day trial was about to expire," though I'd purchased the software already. I contacted customer service at NCH and spoke to someone who restored my software, but then the crossfade feature (which I use often) didn't work. At this point I broke down and bought an NCH priority-support package. For reinstalling my version of WavePad, the company sent me a .dmg file for a Mac, which wouldn't open on my Windows computer. After a number of unfruitful calls, I still can't get the help I need. So I'm asking you for help.

  • How-Tos: Turn a PC Into a DVR, Install Software Without a DVD Drive

    Recently I've heard from a number of users who are looking for a way to cut that pricey cable-TV cord, but don't want to give up on watching and recording their favorite network shows. Turns out there's an easy and very affordable solution, one that eliminates cable (cable-TV, anyway) service entirely and frees you from monthly fees. It's called Windows 7.

  • How-Tos: How to Prepare Your Business for Pinterest

    Pinterest is a site your business should have on its radar. It's like a virtual bulletin board, allowing users to curate a collection of things they like from around the Internet into various layouts, or boards. And its popularity is booming, with 11 million reported page visits during one busy week last December--a 40-fold traffic increase over six months.

  • News: 'If I Die' Facebook app sends your final message

    A new Facebook app might be perfect for the person who always wants to have the last word -- the really last word.

  • Opinion: Ubuntu Linux's New 'HUD' Interface Will Do Away with Menus

    A new kind of interface is coming to Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" that will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications and recognize voice commands.

  • News: How Open Source Licenses Affect Your Business and Your Developers

    For most of the 2000s, copyleft licenses (in particular the GPLv2) were the most popular choice for new open source projects. In the last few years, developers and companies seem to be trending away from the GPL in favor of permissive licenses for open source projects. What's behind that, does it impact your business and what licenses should you choose for new projects? Let's take a look.

  • News: Google patches several serious Chrome bugs

    Google on Monday patched four vulnerabilities in Chrome, and disclosed that it had patched a fifth two weeks ago.

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