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  • News: Less than perfect apps

    Just because an app holds a special place in your heart, that doesn't mean it couldn't stand a few improvements. In this Macworld Live session, I'm joined by a panel of luminaries to discuss our favorite apps and their flaws and how we would fix them. We also tackle why it's hard for even the best apps to achieve perfection.

  • News: Microsoft partner: Office 365 app dev model to change, expand

    External developers will be able to build much more sophisticated applications and tools for Office 365 once Microsoft releases the next upgrade of that cloud-hosted communication and collaboration suite, according to a Microsoft partner.

  • Feature: Expected Tech Trends for 2012

    Ultrabooks, smart TVs, cloud printing and more. Take a look a look at the cool new products that will be arriving over the next 12 months.

  • News: Samsung's Galaxy Note to hit AT&T stores Feb. 19 for $300

    The Galaxy Note smartphone with tablet features and a stylus hits AT&T stores Feb. 19 for $299.99 and a two-year agreement, the carrier announced Monday.

  • News: Breaches, like history, repeat themselves

    Firms that overlook IT security basics are setting themselves up to be breached.

  • Opinion: iPhone App Sneaks in Tethering. Act Fast!

    A new cheap tethering app has returned to the iPhone App Store, requiring no monthly fee to use -- at least until it gets banished by Apple.

  • How-Tos: Best Way to Upgrade Vista to Windows 7

    Wlpncp plans to upgrade his wife's PC from Vista to Windows 7. He asked the Laptops forum for advice.

  • How-Tos: How to Ditch Your CDs and DVDs and Go Digital

    Switching from CDs and DVDs to digital equivalents is a great way to unclutter your life, but what do you do with all your outmoded discs once you've transferred their contents to your computer? In the first part of this series, we discussed how to get rid of unneeded books; but if you're like me, you also have a large collection of old DVDs and CDs taking up space--and disposing them has its challenges. I'll discuss the problems to watch out for, and describe how to make the switch.

  • News: Expo Notes: The intersection between photography and video

    Crossing the divide between photo and video is Echograph, a new application that uses video as a basis for animated still images. The software is currently under development by Clear-Media.

  • Opinion: Firefox 12 Tab Features May Have Been Prematurely Hyped

    Firefox tab features slated for the upcoming version may not be available until the following iteration, upsetting some fans who could ditch the web browser and use a competitor's instead -- a development that would be good news for Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome.

  • News: iOS games on display at Macworld | iWorld

    In past years, Macworld Expo often proved to be a great venue where iOS game makers could grab some attention for their apps. The show may have a new name, but Macworld | iWorld remains an ideal launching ground for iOS games, particularly for smaller developers who don't often get to bask in the limelight.

  • News: Expo Notes: Toddlers get an app of their own in Babiis

    My daughter may only be 15 months old, but she's already become an adept iPad user. Whether it's watching videos to learn sign language or flipping her way through her favorite ebooks, Apple's tablet is very much a part of her play routine, alongside wooden blocks and stuffed animals.

  • News: Expo Notes: Likes turns Facebook likes into recommendations

    WillowTree Apps wants to tap into your Facebook network to help you discover new places, movies, bands, and books. The app maker, which does most of its business by helping others build mobile apps, debuted Likes for iPhone at Macworld | iWorld 2012. The app pulls all of the "likes" that have been entered into Facebook, and gives you recommendations based on what your Facebook friends have liked.

  • News: Expo Notes: AntiCrop fills in missing parts of a photo

    Adva-Soft's new and somewhat counterintuitively named AntiCrop is an iPhone and iPad photography app that does not--as the name might imply--take an ideological position against cropping. Rather, AntiCrop is used to fill in areas of a photo when you change its aspect ratio or otherwise enlarge it, or crop it in a different way. AntiCrop also facilitates photo straightening.

  • News: Expo Notes: Tappr.tv releases version 5.0

    Tappr.tv lets iPhone and iPad users create customized music visualizations--think lights and effects that appear in time with the music. Users can then share their creations with the rest of the Tappr.tv community.

  • Opinion: Google Privacy Policy Claims Challenged By Watchdog

    Google's privacy policy changes have caught the attention of an independent watchdog of the federal cloud that is worried about security risks for government workers.

  • Opinion: Smartphone Tracking Services Also Available on Android, Blackberry Handsets

    Apple hasn't cornered the market on a feature that allows you to find your smartphone if it's been lost or stolen -- Android and Blackberry handsets, as well as some other devices, can pull off the trick, too.

  • News: UK government to 'catapult' businesses into digital age

    Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced plans to fund a Digital Economy “Catapult” centre to help drive innovation and adoption of new technologies by UK businesses.

  • News: Expo Notes: Omni Group shows off iPad version of OmniPlan

    The Omni Group will release an iPad version of its OmniPlan project management software during the first half of this year, company representatives said at Macworld | iWorld Expo. Unlike the Omni Group's other iPad apps, OmniPlan for iPad will closely mirror the features of the Mac OS X version of the application.

  • News: Pentaho open sources 'big data' integration tools under Apache 2.0

    BI vendor Pentaho is open sourcing a number of tools related to "big data" in its Kettle data-integration platform and has moved the project overall to the Apache 2.0 license, the company announced Tuesday.

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