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  • Norton One launches as premium web security service

    Symantec today launched a pilot of a security software service with a difference: Norton One is a premium-priced members organisation through which the security vendor promises to secure, well, everything.

  • Norton 360 version 6 launches

    Symantec today launched the latest version of its Norton 360 internet security and PC performance software suite. Norton 360 v6 is the first version of Norton 360 to be compatible with Windows 8. Norton 360 v6 costs £59.99 inc VAT for up to 3 PCs with a 2GB backup allowance, and £69.99 inc VAT for up to 5 PCs with 25GB.

  • News: Norton 360 Everywhere 'protects PC, mobile & Mac'

    Symantec today revealed details of its upcoming Norton 360 Everywhere product. Full UK pricing and availability is not yet available for Norton 360 Everywhere, but it will comprise Norton 360, as well as mobile and mac security products, all accessible from a single, cloud-based interface.

  • News: FCC seeks to kill LightSquared's LTE network plan

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission wants to drop the conditional waiver that could have allowed LightSquared to operate an LTE network in frequencies near the GPS band, potentially killing the carrier's plan to offer a hybrid satellite and cellular mobile data network.

  • News: Nortel executives knew of data breach, chose to do nothing

    The data breach into Nortel's data systems was known to company executives, including the CEO, for over a decade, but the company refused to take steps to prevent data loss.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Love is everywhere

    Yes, love is in the air: A Brooklyn-based architectural magazine is dedicating all its love to Apple this month, Siri is learning how to say "love" in a new language, and the Mac Pro might finally see some love from Apple real soon. The remainders for Tuesday, February 14, 2012 would like to wish you all a lovely day.

  • News: Crypto experts analyze millions of X.509 certificates, call RSA crypto flawed

    Cryptography researchers collected millions of X.509 public-key certificates that are publicly available over the web and found what they say is a shockingly high frequency of duplicate RSA-moduli keys.

  • News: Windows 8 adds help for visually impaired, physically challenged

    Windows 8 beefs up accessibility features that enable those who are blind, nearsighted, hard-of-hearing and who have mobility impairments to navigate PCs.

  • News: Windows 8: What you need to know

    Just when you got used to Windows 7, Microsoft is threatening to ship Windows 8. The first public beta is slated to be released at the end of this month, with a final ship date rumored to be in October. So, what does Windows 8 mean for you?

  • News: Microsoft quashes 21 bugs, blocks drive-by attacks

    Microsoft today issued nine security updates that patched 21 vulnerabilities in Windows, IE, Office, .Net, Silverlight and SharePoint Server, including several critical bugs that can be exploited with drive-by attacks.

  • News: HP gives Vertica a fresh face

    Hewlett-Packard's Vertica subsidiary has updated its real-time analytics software, giving it a graphical user interface and connectivity to big-data-styled analysis systems.

  • News: JetBrains open-sources Kotlin language

    Built as a general-purpose language, Kotlin can be compiled to the JVM or JavaScript

  • News: Time Warner Cable Brings Streaming Video to PCs, Macs

    Time Warner Cable's streaming cable services are no longer exclusive to the iPad and iPhone. PC and Mac users can now watch live TV from the cable provider through their Web browsers.

  • News: AT&T Wireless Bandwidth Throttling: The Backlash Has Begun

    AT&T has begun throttling bandwidth speeds for its "unlimited" wireless data customers who gobble excessive amounts of data on their smartphones - just as it promised it would back in June. Now that the unlimited wireless bandwidth party is over, some AT&T customers are not happy, speaking up, and crying foul.

  • News: Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe send patches for Valentine's Day

    The Valentine's Day 2012 edition of Patch Tuesday is upon us, and Microsoft has come forward with details on the nine bulletins it previewed last week.

  • News: Two-thirds of Google+ users are men

    Google+ really is a man's social network.

  • News: Inkling introduces cloud-based publishing tool

    iBooks Author ( Macworld rated 3.5 out of 5 mice ) may be a fine tool for creating basic ebooks. But if you're an educational publisher and you want to produce electronic titles that are hundreds or thousands of pages long, with complex graphics, multimedia elements, navigational interfaces, and reader interactivity, iBooks Author won't be enough. But iPad publisher Inkling has another option.

  • Opinion: Five Good Reasons to Download LibreOffice 3.5

    After many months of widespread anticipation, the Document Foundation on Tuesday announced the arrival of LibreOffice 3.5, the third major release of its free and open source office productivity suite.

  • VLC 2.0 Release Candidate Is Here; Android and iOS Versions Soon

    VLC, the multi-platform video player on Mac, Windows, and Linux, will soon release a big new version 2.0. But you don't have to wait until the official release--a release candidate version has just hit the Interwebs for you to try.

  • News: Mobile Explosion: Wireless Traffic Could Reach 10.8 Exabytes a Month by 2016

    Smartphones, tablets, streaming video platforms and a constellation of expanding high-speed cellular wireless services are poised to drive mobile traffic to an incredible 10.8 exabytes a month by 2016, says network systems manufacturer Cisco. Since we're not really using that word yet, I'll break it down for you: An exabyte is equal to one million terabytes, or one billion gigabytes.

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