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  • News: Apache embraces cloud with Deltacloud approval

    Extending its range of open-source projects to cloud computing, the Apache Software Foundation has approved the Deltacloud as a top-level project, the organization announced Thursday.

  • News: Google Working on Password Generator for Chrome

    Google is working on a new password manager for its Chrome browser that would also automatically create strong passwords for users.

  • News: Apple readies Mac OS X Mountain Lion update for summer release

    A year after it rolled out the Mac OS X Lion, Apple again plans to introduce a new version of its desktop operating system. The update—dubbed Mountain Lion—will ship this summer. As with Lion, this latest version of OS X will incorporate many features first introduced in Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, as Apple looks to bolster the interoperability of its two platforms.

  • News: Valentine's-related traffic spikes cause heartache for ill-prepared sites

    The second paragraph of the Network World story, "Valentine's-related traffic spikes cause heartache for ill-prepared sites," which was posted to the newswire Monday, incorrectly described the preparations of Swarovski crystal company relative to Valentine's Day e-commerce traffic. The story has been corrected and that paragraph now reads:

  • How-Tos: Give your artwork that grungy, weathered look

    Clean, crisp artwork may sometimes be the artist's goal, but the pursuit of perfection can also lead to artwork that looks clinical, and perhaps even a bit corporate. Clients these days seem to favor a worn, even grungy look in which the art looks a bit roughed up, with subtle scratches, mottled patterns, or even paper fold lines. One way to produce is effect is by a process, known as distressing, which can add a surprising degree of character to your artwork.

  • How-Tos: Fix a corrupt Recycle Bin in Windows

    An automatic update clobbered the Recycle Bin on this reader's Windows PC. Our Helproom Editor was happy to help.

  • How-Tos: Help! My PC's Recycle Bin will only permanently delete files

    If you find your PC's Recycle Bin no longer allows you to store things in it, and simply deletes them forever, you need to follow our Helproom Editor's advice.

  • News: FuzeMeeting app turns iPad into videoconferencing host

    FuzeBox has just released a new iPad app that promises to turn that tablet into a powerful videoconferencing machine.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: ARMed & ready for Apple & Google

    Windows 8 may be something of a point upgrade for existing Windows PC users, but it could herald the birth of PCs in all shapes and sizes.

  • Opinion: Boost Your Morning Productivity by Avoiding E-Mail

    I'm not what you would call a morning person--indeed, I tend to greet mornings with the same enthusiasm as I greet tax collectors and my dentist--but it's definitely my most productive time of day.

  • News: Linux skills in demand, wages up

    If you work as a Linux developer or system administrator, your pay should be increasing -- and so should your job offers -- according to a new survey of hiring managers.

  • News: Mountain Lion: Hands on with Gatekeeper

    (Image Caption: The actual wording is in flux, but Mountain Lion will warn you if you try to open an app from an unidentified developer.)

  • News: Mountain Lion: Hands on with Notification Center

    For years, many Mac app developers have had to design their own ways to get your attention. The open-source project Growl helped save those developers from reinventing the wheel by creating a more general notification system supported by lots of apps. But with Mountain Lion, a true systemwide notification service will finally arrive when the Mac OS X update ships this summer.

  • News: Mountain Lion: Hands on with Notes and Reminders

    Two of the new iOS-flavored apps to move to the Mac with the release of Mountain Lion this summer are Notes and Reminders. Here’s a sneak peek at how they work.

  • News: Hands on with Apple's new OS X: Mountain Lion

    Apple updates its iOS mobile operating system once a year. But why should the iPhone and iPad have all the fun? On Thursday Apple announced that it will release a new version of OS X—Mountain Lion—this summer, just a year after the release of OS X Lion.

  • News: Mountain Lion: Messages replaces iChat, gets public beta

    iChat is dead—long live Messages. With Thursday’s announcement of Mac OS X Mountain Lion comes the news that iChat is being upgraded and renamed to Messages, with support for the iMessage chat system introduced with iOS 5.

  • Opinion: Play With Mechanical Puzzles In Your Browser With Interlocked

    Interlocked is a free Flash game, and a new take on a very old idea: mechanical puzzles. In Interlocked, you are presented with a three-dimensional shape composed of several interlocking parts (hence the name). You need to take the shape apart, piece by piece, by sliding the pieces around in the correct sequence.

  • News: Messages beta ready for download

    Messages is now ready for Mac users to test drive. Shortly after announcing its planned Mountain Lion update for OS X on Thursday, Apple released a beta of the revamped version of iChat that will ship with the new operating system this summer.

  • News: Adobe confirms new zero-day Flash bug

    Adobe on Wednesday patched seven critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player, including one reported by Google researchers that hackers are using in 'active targeted attacks.'

  • How-Tos: How to tag a photo using Facebook for Android

    Facebook's app for Android has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced.

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