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  • News: AT&T, DOJ file motion to halt T-Mobile proceedings

    AT&T has asked a judge to put on hold the U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit to block its merger with T-Mobile USA while the two companies decide whether to move forward with the deal.

  • Opinion: Firefox Gains Weight, Challenging Its Developers

    Firefox's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine may be on a "memory diet," as I reported last month, but it looks like Mozilla's popular browser is getting a bit too big for its britches nonetheless.

  • News: Mac App Store download tally reaches 100 million

    Apple boasted today that it had distributed more than 100 million programs through the Mac App Store since the e-market's January launch.

  • News: Google Enterprise VP: Google Apps mega-deals in the pipeline

    Google plans to announce in the coming month or so several customer wins for Google Apps that exceed 100,000 users, according to Google Enterprise Vice President Amit Singh.

  • News: Apple's Mac App Store Tops 100 Million Downloads

    Apple's Mac App Store has delivered more than 100 million downloads since launching in early January, the company announced Monday. The Mac App Store is Apple's online retail outlet for PC applications for Macs running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. While topping 100 million downloads is a far cry from the one billion downloads the iOS App Store sees every month, it proves the Mac App Store is popular with Mac users.

  • News: Apple: Mac App Store hits 100 million app download milestone

    Apple Monday trumpeted news that 100 million apps have been downloaded from its Mac App Store, which went live in early January.

  • News: Serious bugs force SAP to put brakes on community site upgrade

    SAP has abruptly put the brakes on a planned upgrade to its massive community network portal, which was set to be rolled out this month, due to a number of lingering, "critical" bugs.

  • Opinion: Fix Lion's erroneous autocorrections, permanently

    Sometimes, one person’s hint is another person’s incredibly obvious feature. In this case, I was the guy who needed a hint that—once it was pointed out to me—I felt silly for not thinking of on my own.

  • News: Google's Integration of Google+ Into Gmail Is Right Touch

    Google's integration of its social networking service into its email platform is a welcome change because it makes adding people to Circles and sharing photos super easy.

  • Opinion: Super Fast Benchmarking with NovaBench

    You've just bought a new computer. Or better yet, you've just built one--or added some new hardware to your current PC. You want to know how fast it is; how it compares to other new or recently upgraded computers.

  • Opinion: nSpaces Gives You Simple Virtual Desktops for Free

    Virtual desktop software nSpaces (free/donationware) provides four virtual workspaces, or spaces that you may split your applications and documents between. For instance, you could have your word processing stuff on one desktop, your spreadsheets on another, your email application and messages on the third, and a movie on the last. The idea is to organize your work and reduce clutter.

  • News: The security threat Stephen King warned us about?

    Remember the film "Maximum Overdrive," where machines took over and went on a murderous rampage? With cars and appliances ever more computerized, such a security threat seems a little less farfetched as we head into 2012.

  • News: Apple announces 100 million Mac App Store downloads

    Apple on Monday announced that customers have downloaded apps from the Mac App Store more than 100 million times.

  • Opinion: Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 2

    People often think of software as either commercial (including shareware), or free (including open-source offerings). But somewhere in between lies another large category of software: donationware. The creators of such programs give the software away for free, in the hope that appreciative users will donate to support the application or a cause the developer wishes to promote. In this article I cover lesser-known gems. For more-renowned donationware, read "Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 1."

  • Video: Video: Google Currents review

    The free Android and iOS app creates digital magazines rich with text and video, but unless the sync settings are correct it could run slow.

  • Opinion: HP Open-Sources WebOS, Kicks Off a Bright Future

    Ever since HP announced back in August that it was discontinuing its webOS tablets and phones, I have been hoping that it would open-source the technology--and sure enough, that's just what it's decided to do.

  • News: SAP gets into the social analytics game with NetBase partnership

    Taking a cue from rivals such as Salesforce.com, SAP on Monday announced a partnership under which it will resell and support social media analytics software from NetBase.

  • News: 8 free Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools

    Even if you have an enterprise-level Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer, like Wi-Spy or AirMagnet, free Wi-Fi tools can also come in handy. You might use them during the planning or installation stages of your wireless LAN, while troubleshooting, or when performing maintenance. They could even serve as your primarily tools in smaller and less-complex environments.

  • News: Microsoft: 5 smart and 5 dumb moves the company made in 2011

    Love it or hate it, Microsoft is a company that brings out strong emotions in just about every IT professional. With 2011 about to end, it is time for our picks of some of smartest moves this powerful software company made this year - and some of the moves we'd say were not so bright.

  • Feature: Advertisement feature: Free Remote Access for your PC or Mac

    Live your life your way – secure in the knowledge that you're never farther away from all your information than the nearest internet connection.

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