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  • News: Oracle updates its Linux kernel with new advanced file system

    Oracle has updated the kernel of its Linux distribution to take advantage of the latest Linux advances, the company announced Tuesday.

  • News: Apple patches record number of Safari 5 bugs with monster update

    Apple yesterday updated Safari to version 5.1.4, patching 83 vulnerabilities and boosting JavaScript performance on OS X Lion.

  • News: Dutch university dumps Microsoft cloud for Google Apps

    Tilburg was supposed to be the first Dutch university to migrate its students to Microsoft's Live@edu cloud services. But because Live@edu's successor, Office 365, is still not available, the university is abandoning the migration and switching to Google Apps instead.

  • News: Misys-Temenos merger scrapped

    Temenos has pulled out of a major bid to merge with UK software giant Misys.

  • News: IBM security chief questions new EU data protection laws

    Joe Anthony, director of security, risk and compliance product management at IBM, has slammed the latest reforms to EU’s data protection laws, claiming that 24 hours isn’t long enough for companies to make meaningful notifications to authorities.

  • News: San Jose tries again with free downtown Wi-Fi

    San Jose is casting a vote of confidence in municipal Wi-Fi from the heart of Silicon Valley, planning a new, free network just a few years after such networks were declared all but dead.

  • Opinion: SXSW Cool App: Vox.io Radically Simplifies Mobile VoIP

    At one of the startup showcase panels here, I discovered Vox.io, a real-time communication app that makes connecting with people by voice or video simpler than I've seen in any other service. Since I'm always looking for apps that might seriously disrupt the cellular calling juggernaut of the big wireless companies, I was interested.

  • Opinion: Understanding Your Camera's ISO Control

    A few weeks ago, I wrote that photography is often called "painting with light." In response, a reader asked me what you do when there isn't any--light, that is. Well, unless you're shooting inside a closet or at the bottom of a mineshaft, there's always some light around. Your job as a photographer is often to make the most of whatever light you have access to. I've explained how to get the best results with your flash, but there's a way to maximize the natural light in your scene as well: Using your camera's ISO control.

  • News: Glitchy state software system leads to botched payments for foster care providers

    A Tennessee official is blaming inadequate training, ignored warnings and unwise technology choices for ongoing problems with an installed software system used by the state Department of Children's Services.

  • News: Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G: Dual-Core Android, Smaller Screen

    The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G may not be the latest and greatest Android phone, but, with a 3.97-inch display, it might just be the antidote we need for increasingly larger screen sizes.

  • Opinion: Browser Firm Opera Talks HTML5, Successes, and Challenges

    Norwegian browser maker Opera took me out to dinner last night, and we talked about what the company has been up to. In a nutshell, Opera - the only browser maker located outside the US - says it's doing well.

  • Opinion: Database System GS-Base Is Easy as a Spreadsheet--And the Price is a Steal

    At $20, GS-Base 9 is very inexpensive and requires virtually no prior database knowledge to use. Furthermore, it uses a number of metaphors and options which should be very familiar to those comfortable with spreadsheets, a fact that makes it useful to a large set of business users who rarely venture away from Excel. Indeed, it shares many of the functions and syntax found in Citadel's inexpensive, but functional, GS-Calc spreadsheet program.

  • Opinion: What are All Those Different Document Formats in Word, and Why Would I Use Them?

    If you use Microsoft Word (or a similar word processor), you probably know well enough how to save a document. You click Save, choose a folder, give the document a name, and then click Save, OK, or whatever.

  • Opinion: Cure for an incomplete iOS update

    Reader Jared Murray attempts to work the old "a friend of mine has a problem and..." gambit in regard to a "friend's" uncooperative iPhone. He writes:

  • News: Apple releases Safari 5.1.4

    Apple on Monday released Safari 5.1.4, an update chock full of fixes for the Snow Leopard, Lion, and Windows versions of the company's Web browser.

  • Opinion: How to use Boot Camp with Lion

    Many people switching from Windows PCs to the Mac worry that they must leave the Windows world--and the files they've created in it--completely behind. And for those who need to run application not found on the Mac or who just can't bear doing without a favorite Windows-only game or two, this is a legitimate concern. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds as today's Macs can run Windows natively using Apple's Boot Camp technology. This technology creates a separate partition on your Intel Mac's hard drive where you can then install a copy of Microsoft Windows. In order to use Boot Camp, you must restart your Mac from this partition. When you do, Windows runs almost exactly as it would on a PC.

  • Opinion: Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Chatter Resurfaces

    A new report claims to have details on a Nokia Windows 8 tablet, including some specs and release timing.

  • News: Speculation split on CNN buying Mashable

    CNN may be in the process of buying online news and blogging site Mashable, according to reports.

  • News: Microsoft offers credits for 'Leap Day' Azure outage

    To make up for a string of outages that were caused by a software bug in its Azure cloud services Microsoft is granting affected customers a 33% credit for the time they were left stranded during the Feb. 29 failure.

  • News: IBM user group: 75% of companies aren't collecting social media information

    A recent survey of the IBM SHARE user group found just 25% of respondents were collecting data from social media networks for business purposes, though many more are apparently planning to do so in the near future.

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