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  • News: Coming Soon from BlackBerry: 5 Things to Look Forward To

    These are dark days for Research In Motion (RIM) and its BlackBerry brand...or at least dim ones.

  • Opinion: Surprise! Windows 8 for ARM Will Come with 'Office 15' Apps

    Since Microsoft shared the first obscure hints of expanding the architecture horizon to include running Windows 8 on ARM processors, there has been rampant speculation and anticipation of what that will really mean when the OS finally launches. Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky is providing some more clarity about Windows 8 on ARM (WOA), including the fact that it will have Metro-styled "Office 15" apps.

  • News: Microsoft to issue more critical patches next week for Win7 than XP

    Microsoft today said it would deliver nine security updates next week, four of them critical, to patch 21 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Office, .Net and Silverlight.

  • News: NextAdvisor picks its top cloud storage services for consumers

    Consumer and small business product review site NextAdvisor.com launched a new category, with reviews and comparisons of the best cloud storage services.

  • News: Valentine's Day Patch Tuesday: Microsoft to issue 9 patches, 4 critical

    Microsoft Thursday said that the second Patch Tuesday of 2012 will see nine security bulletins, four of which were deemed critical.

  • News: Google, Microsoft and Apple letters aim to keep regulators at bay

    As patent infringement lawsuits continue to pile up in the mobile industry, Google, Apple and Microsoft appear to be trying individually to reassure regulators and standards bodies that they won't use their patents to build a monopoly, experts said.

  • News: Microsoft Ruining Valentine's Day with Nine Security Bulletins

    Next Tuesday is a big deal. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It is also the second Tuesday in the month of February which makes it Patch Tuesday. Microsoft revealed today that there are nine new security bulletins slated for next Tuesday -- Happy Valentine’s Day?

  • News: Microsoft details Windows 8 for ARM devices

    Microsoft has released technical design details about the new version of Windows for devices that use ARM chips, outlining in a lengthy blog post different ways in which this OS, called WOA and still in the works, will be alike and different from existing versions of Windows.

  • News: Kenya ICT Board and CMU launch international software standard

    The Kenya ICT Board (KICTB) on Tuesday Morning announced the launch of "Chipuka", a certification program for software developers in the country. The project was launched at the board's office's at Teleposta Towers, and will be run in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and headed by Andrew Lewela from the Board. Dr Bitange Ndemo, Kenya's Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Information said the aim of Chipuka is to create an international standard through which software development skills can be established. CMU was represented by a team led by Randal Bryant, Dean, School of Computer Science, while KICTB was represented by its CEO, Paul Kukubo, amongst others.

  • Opinion: 20 Popular Ubuntu Linux Apps You May Want to Try

    As Ubuntu Linux continues to grow in popularity, most discussions of it tend to focus on the basics of the operating system itself, including especially details about its desktop environment and user interface.

  • News: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in Kenya, says country a strategic hub

    Stephen Elop, Nokia Chief Executive Officer was in Kenya today for a high profile visit, which only takes him to two out of the 57 African countries, Kenya and South Africa. The CEO met developers at the iHub at a roundtable, before later meeting Kenyan journalists for a similar roundtable. The purpose of Elop's visit was to spend time with developers, the Nokia team, government officials and mobile operator executives. "I am very excited about the progress we are making and what lies ahead," he said.

  • News: Obama 2012 campaign playlist revealed courtesy of Spotify

    Depending on your taste in music and tolerance for others’ tastes, President Barack Obama’s latest social media move – sharing his 2012 campaign playlist via streaming music website Spotify – might be a case of over-sharing: Ricky Martin, REO Speedwagon and James Taylor all made the cut.

  • News: UK PC sales plummet as vendors pray for Windows 8

    UK PC sales dropped a recessionary 20 percent in the final quarter of 2011 with only one branded vendor, Apple, increasing sales, according to Gartner’s latest figures.

  • Opinion: Emptying the trash automatically

    Reader Collin Merrill would like to automate a common, but potentially risky, task on his Mac. He writes:

  • News: 'Do Not Track' Tool Promises Page Loads Up to Four Times Faster

    “Do Not Track” technologies have become an increasingly standard part of the Internet today, offering users a variety of ways to protect their privacy as they surf the Web.

  • News: Apple and Google disagree over licensing of essential patents

    Google is at odds with Apple, Microsoft and Cisco over the licensing and litigation of patents. While Google wants to make the most of patents it will receive if its acquisition of Motorola is approved, the others want to change the way so-called essential patents are licensed.

  • News: Pre-rendered pages highlight latest Google Chrome release

    You're familiar with autocomplete. Now get ready for auto-page rendering.

  • News: Path to Forgiveness After Apology a Hard Sell

    Social networking smartphone app Path has been busy apologizing for nabbing your address book, but should users forgive the violation of their privacy? Possibly.

  • News: Hackers Attacked Foxconn for the Laughs

    Hacker mischiefs calling themselves SwaggSec penetrated the computers at Foxconn, which assembles about 40 percent of the consumer electronics products in the world, and stole data that it posted to the Internet -- apparently just for laughs.

  • News: With a wave of its hand, Waze adds voice-control features to traffic app

    Like a lot of app makers, the folks behind Waze are itching to add support for Siri to their iPhone and iPad app. But with Apple not yet providing such access, the developers decided to take matters into their own hands.

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