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  • How-Tos: Forwarding images in Windows Live Mail

    Having problems forwarding image files in Windows Live Mail? Our Helproom Expert is here to help.

  • News: Interest in HTML5 growing among mobile developers

    Mobile developers will increasingly use HTML5 in their applications during 2012, but fragmentation will make their life more difficult, according to a joint survey from IDC and cross-platform development vendor Appcelerator.

  • News: Samsung, RIM Face Patent Suit Over Emoticons

    Samsung and Research in Motion are being sued for supposedly infringing on another company’s patent, yet another example of why our current patent system desperately needs a revision.

  • News: Access 16 million stock photos from within Adobe's Creative Suite

    Adobe Creative Suite users can now access over 16 million stock photos through a plugin from Fotolia and Silicon Publishing.

  • How-Tos: Four Easy Tricks for Better Photos

    There are about a million books about photography on the shelf of your local bookstore. I should know, because mine is one of them. But you don't need to remember a book's worth of tips and tricks to improve your photography; for the highlights, you might want to play with an online camera simulator. And when you get right down to it, there are just a handful of easy things you can do to make a dramatic improvement to your photos.

  • News: 'Surprise' Mac app quickly configures iOS devices

    Almost unnoticed in announcing the new iPad, Apple also released on March 7 a new Mac app designed to streamline setting up and configuring iOS devices. It's a powerful tool for small organizations or small iPhone and iPad deployments, according to one network manager who's worked extensively with the new software.

  • News: HP releases tools for mobile app development

    HP announced on Tuesday the release of several tools aimed at simplifying the enterprise mobile application development and deployment processes.

  • How-Tos: How to update drivers in Windows 7

    When a reader upgraded his PC to Windows 7, he found that many of the software drivers for external devices did not work. Our Helproom Expert explains how to update software drivers in Windows 7.

  • News: Mozilla may support H.264 video codec in Firefox to compete on mobile phones

    Mozilla Foundation is considering adding support for the H.264 video codec in mobile versions of the Firefox browser, a move it has avoided up to now because H.264 is encumbered by patents. Mozilla's policy up to now has been to support only open codecs, but it is relaxing that rule because support for the codec is important in mobile browsers, the foundation's chair said.

  • News: Cell-to-Wi-Fi roaming is on the way, but may come with a price

    Getting your phone onto Wi-Fi networks may get a lot easier starting in about a year, but it won't necessarily get cheaper.

  • News: UPS and TNT technology to deliver on multimillion pound merger savings

    Delivery firm UPS is set to acquire rival TNT Express for €5.2 billion (£4.3 billion), with merged IT and process standardisation crucial to its success.

  • News: IBM unveils new analysis packages

    IBM has unveiled three packages of services and software to help organizations analyze their data for profit and improved efficiency.

  • News: Samsung hit with record fine for obstructing mobile phone investigation

    Samsung Electronics received the largest-ever fine on Monday for obstructing an inquiry from South Korea's trade regulator, which was investigating deceptive mobile phone pricing practices.

  • News: Samsung hit with record fine for obstructing mobile phone investigation

    Samsung Electronics received the largest-ever fine on Monday for obstructing an inquiry from South Korea's trade regulator, which was investigating deceptive mobile phone pricing practices.

  • Opinion: Linux Unites With Android, Adds Business-friendly Features

    Linux founder Linus Torvalds announced the release of the 3.3 Linux kernel on Sunday, bringing a host of fixes and updates that were long overdue--most importantly, the merging of Android into the main Linux source tree.

  • How-Tos: How To Make And Publish Movies For Free

    It's never been cheaper or easier to make movies, but many budding amateur filmmakers are still put off by the initial expense of purchasing a good camera and audio equipment. Thankfully, there's plenty of free content available for public use if you know where to look. You can turn that raw material into creative and inventive works of cinema with a few free video editing tools, some hard work and a place to share your movie with friends and family.

  • Opinion: Coming Soon: More Cross-Platform App Stores?

    Even as Microsoft shuts down its Windows Mobile app store, chances are consumers are going to see more cross-platform app store options in the future, according to Shira Levine, directing analyst at Campbell, Calif.-based research firm Infonetics.

  • Opinion: Free at Last? FAA Reconsiders Ban on Gadgets During Takeoff, Landing

    Never mind the cramped coach seats, long toilet lines and awful food. One of the biggest annoyances of flying the unfriendly skies -- well, for gadget-toting travelers, anyway -- is having to turn off your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or eReader while the plane taxis, takes off and lands.

  • News: Dell and HP Are Key to Success of Windows 8 Tablets

    Dell is committed to joining the tablet fray once again--this time with Windows 8 tablets aimed at going head-to-head with the Apple iPad. That is good news for Microsoft because Windows 8 tablets will essentially be dead on arrival without strong support from Dell and HP.

  • News: Privacy regulators: US and EU will take different approaches

    The development of online privacy protections is at a critical moment as policy makers in both the U.S. and European Union push for changes to their privacy rules, but coordination of enforcement across the Atlantic Ocean may be tricky, several privacy experts said Monday.

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