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  • News: Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Facebook-friendly, but the Organizer Slows Things Down

    Adobe has been producing its Photoshop Elements image-editing and -organizing software for a full decade now. Each successive version acquires more tools, additional features, and greater refinement; and Elements 10 ($100, or $80 as an upgrade as of September 20, 2011) remains the best consumer-level image editor you can buy. But the organizer in Photoshop Elements 10--an increasingly important component of Elements--suffers from performance shortcomings that drag the entire product down.

  • News: Banks overspend by 40 percent on IT

    UK banks spend up to 40 percent more than the market price for IT services, according to research from analyst and consultancy company Compass.

  • News: Security technology or staffing gap: Which is the greater enterprise challenge?

    Two recent surveys indicate that the answer may be both.

  • News: Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

    Wouldn't you like to have your very own gofer dedicated to doing all the menial tasks you hate? That's a big part of the appeal of the iPhone 4S: Siri, the voice-driven virtual assistant, turns anyone with a couple hundred bucks into a CEO attended by a full-time lackey. But can you get the same kind of slavish devotion from an Android phone?

  • News: Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Editor, Premiere Elements 10 Editor hit the Mac App Store

    Special editions of Adobe's Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 Editor have been released in the Mac App Store.

  • Opinion: Add a Mickey Mouse clock to your Dashboard

    Thanks to Dashboard's Web clipping feature, you can turn almost anything you see on a webpage into a widget. Hints reader Freethought realized that you can use that capability to grab your very own Mickey Mouse clock for your desktop. The key: Mickey is one of the numerous clock faces Apple now offers on the iPod nano, and Apple shows a full working, ticking preview of the clock on its website. Here’s how to grab it for your Mac.

  • News: Spotify App Lands on Windows Phone 7

    Spotify recently announced a new mobile application for Windows Phone 7 users, more than a year after the music streaming service first said it would bring its service to Microsoft's newest mobile OS. The new app, simply called Spotify and available now in the Windows Phone Marketplace, requires a Phone 7 device running version 7.5 (Mango) or higher and a premium Spotify account.

  • News: Organize and play your media from a NAS

    As computers have become more affordable and taken on increasingly important tasks in our lives, it’s common to have more than one of them on the premises. While it’s terrific that family members and co-housers needn’t line up to use a single computer, things can get confusing when you have media scattered among a group of computers that everyone would like access to.

  • News: Apple Store app adds in-store pickup, accessory purchase

    As rumored last month, Apple updated its Apple Store iOS app on Thursday, expanding its in-store pickup pilot program to all of its U.S. retail locations and adding a new EasyPay feature that lets customers buy some items simply by scanning their barcodes.

  • News: MediaTek friends Facebook with feature phone integration

    MediaTek, a designer of software and chipsets for low-end phones, will work with Facebook on a social networking application for feature phones, the chip company said on Tuesday.

  • News: Software AG updates cloud road map

    Software AG's WebMethods middleware and ARIS process modeling tools are now certified for deployment on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud and VMware, the company announced Tuesday as part of an update on its overall cloud strategy.

  • News: Salesforce.com launches Do project management app

    Salesforce.com's reach is about to get wider both in terms of functionality and target audience with the arrival of Do, a project management application announced in public beta on Tuesday.

  • News: Fire + Nook = no threat to iPad, argue analysts

    Monday's introduction of another low-priced rival to the iPad won't keep anyone at Apple's California HQ up nights, analysts said.

  • News: Virtual Machine cloud replication and restoration to boom

    Over the next two years, about 30% of midsize businesses will be using a recovery in the cloud service aimed at replicating and restoring virtual machine instances, according to Gartner.

  • Feature: Best Android apps: Five free battery boosters

    Short battery life is one of the most commonly complained about issues when it comes to smartphones and devices that run Google's Android mobile platform are no exception.

  • How-Tos: Can I use an older software licence key with a newer product?

    A reader wanted to know if she could use her older BullGuard Internet Security licence with an updated version of the software. Our Helproom Expert explains.

  • News: Boeing Dreamliner automated landing systems fail on Japan flight

    The automated undercarriage systems on a Boeing Dreamliner, a new high-tech jumbo jet, entirely failed to work during the landing approach of a domestic Japanese flight carrying 250 passengers this morning.

  • News: Thomson Reuters regrets speed of billion dollar Eikon desktop switchover

    Thomson Reuters has said it made a mistake with the fast launch speed of a billion dollar desktop product for financial traders, called Eikon.

  • Opinion: Five Tips for Great Thanksgiving Photos

    It's that time of year again--the local pancake house has put pumpkin pancakes back on the menu, and my family is gearing up for the day when we'll have a turkey feast, a panoply of pies, and, yes, give thanks for another year. If Thanksgiving is a special day to get together with friends and family and share those things as well, then you probably want to capture moments throughout the day with your digital camera. In the past, I've given you some advice on how to get the best Thanksgiving photos--check out my past holiday photo shooting tips, for example. This year, I have a few additional suggestions to help you take some photos you can treasure for years to come.

  • News: Google+ now open for businesses

    Google is now shaping its Google+ social network for commerce.

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