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  • News: How to Avoid the Perils of Virtualization and Cloud Stall

    Virtualization and cloud computing offer the promise of cost savings, efficiency and flexibility, but organizations must plan their transitions carefully or risk finding themselves stuck with a bundle of sunk costs and no path forward.

  • News: Bare Bones releases TextWrangler 4.0

    Bare Bones Software on Tuesday released TextWrangler 4.0, a significant upgrade to the free, pared-down alternative to the company’s flagship BBEdit ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice ) text editor.

  • News: Security firm offers more Flashback details, free tools

    News of the Mac malware dubbed Flashback continues to spread, trailing on the heels of the exploit itself. A security firm has uncovered statistics about the Flashback infection, as well as providing tools to detect and remove the infection.

  • News: Epicor customer lawsuit may show danger of going solo on ERP software project

    Epicor is being taken to court by a customer over an allegedly failed ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementation, but the case may illustrate the potential dangers customers engender by embarking on such IT projects by themselves.

  • News: Instagram's Android App Tops 5 Million Downloads

    Instagram’s Android app has been downloaded more than 5 million times less than a week after being released. Not bad for a company that recently agreed to be bought by Facebook for $1 billion.

  • Opinion: Using Creative Commons to Find Photos You Can Use

    Photos and the Internet go together like peanut butter and jelly. For as long as there have been web browsers, people have generously posted photos online--which other people have then downloaded and used for their own purposes, whether or not they've actually asked for permission. To make it easier to legally and ethically reuse photos posted online, the Creative Commons license was created. I first mentioned Creative Commons in "Your Photos, Your Rights, and the Law." This week let's learn a little more about Creative Commons--both how you can use it to share your own photos and how to use other peoples' works.

  • News: Microsoft starts XP retirement countdown

    Microsoft yesterday kicked off what it called a "two-year countdown" to the death of Windows XP and Office 2003.

  • News: NEC launches software to quickly find video clips in large archives

    NEC has begun sales of new software to quickly find video clips in large archives, which is well-suited for finding illegal content on video sharing websites, it said Tuesday.

  • News: China's Taobao expects explosive growth in mobile shopping

    E-commerce sites run by Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group expect the country's mobile shopping market will explode in size over the next two years as more users turn to their smartphones and tablets to buy products online.

  • News: Conquering Big Data with stream computing

    There is big data, and then there is mind-bogglingly enormous data; the latter is the scale at which Mahmoud Mahmoud has been focusing his research on for the last three years. And he says his work will be a "paradigm shift" in the way businesses use big data in the future.

  • News: How to check if your Mac is Flashback infected

    How to check if your Mac is infected with the Flashback malware. There's an app for that.

  • News: Oracle attacks tape management with analytics software

    Tape-storage administrators will be able to get performance information and immediate directions to prevent data loss in new management software, called StorageTek Tape Analytics, that Oracle introduced on Monday.

  • News: Twitter releases its MySQL scalability tweaks

    Twitter has released some of the tweaks it has made to MySQL, potentially bringing greater scalability to the open-source relational database management system.

  • News: iPad in the Enterprise: A Videoconferencing Dream Machine?

    The iPad and other mobile devices have the potential to transform how employees communicate and collaborate, essentially becoming magic hubs for videoconferencing and instant-messaging. But remember CIOs, the underlying network is more important than the device.

  • News: Red Hat announces beta availability of Storage 2.0

    A beta version of Red Hat Storage 2.0 was announced Monday by the Massachusetts-based open-source software company.

  • News: 13 Tips for Better Joomla CMS Security

    As Joomla grows in popularity as an open source CMS more and more individuals and businesses of all sizes rely on the platform to get their products and services online. In fact, more than 2.5 percent of websites are running on a Joomla CMS -- and for good reason.

  • News: Twitterverse in uproar over Facebook's Instagram buy

    Soon after Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram, maker of the popular photo-sharing app, Twitter began to light up with talk about it.

  • News: Free tool detects Flashback Mac malware pestilence

    A Mac developer has posted a tool that detects a Flashback malware infection on Apple's computers.

  • News: Who should be at the root of protecting the nation's healthcare data?

    What are CISOs working in healthcare concerned about when it comes to protecting medical data in the future? There are a variety of concerns associated with who should and shouldn't be able to access your individual medical record. This is both a policy issue and a technology issue for the CISO.

  • Opinion: Search for messages by domain in Lion

    In versions of OS X before Lion, you could quickly search for messages from a given domain (macworld.com, for example) just by typing it in the search field. But such searches are more difficult in Lion's version of Mail. That's because, when you type the domain name, the program will show you all of the messages that have been sent to or received from that domain, as well as any messages that contain that domain as a string of text in the body; it will also show you a drop-down suggestion-list of specific senders from that domain.

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