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  • News: Sony completes buy of Sony Ericsson, will rename as Sony Mobile Communications

    Sony said Thursday it had completed its purchase of the Sony Ericsson mobile phone joint venture and turned the company into a subsidiary, which it will soon rename Sony Mobile Communications.

  • News: Romanian police arrest alleged hacker in Pentagon, NASA breaches

    Razvan Manole Cernaianu is accused of revealing security holes and publishing information about SQL injection vulnerabilities in those agencies.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Bull in a China shop

    Apple's independent auditors give an informal thumbs up to the company's suppliers in China even as iPads are being booted from shelves in the country. And AT&T's figures on wireless data growth may make your head explode. The remainders for Wednesday, February 15, 2012 are legging it.

  • Opinion: Three Ways Windows 8 Will Boost Accessibility

    Almost 50 million citizens have disabilities, and the likeliness of a disability rises with age. Meanwhile, nearly one-quarter of the workforce will be 55 or older by 2018. At the same time, mobile devices that are smaller than the typical desktop computer and require more dexterity to operate are becoming more common in business.

  • News: Microsoft sees Skype linking all its products, CFO says

    Microsoft will aggressively and broadly integrate Skype across its product portfolio, the company's CFO said on Wednesday, the same day that rival Cisco Systems raised concerns about Microsoft's Skype integration plans.

  • Opinion: Apple: Apps That Take Your Contact Info Are in Violation, Fix Coming Soon

    Apple has finally issued a response to the week-long uproar around the web about iPhone apps that upload users' contact data without their explicit permission. According to AllThingsD, an Apple spokesperson said that an iOS update will require all apps gain "explicit user approval" before accessing the Address Book.

  • News: LightSquared vows to keep seeking a GPS solution

    LightSquared said Wednesday it still wants to find a solution to the GPS interference issue that has probably already doomed the fledgling carrier's plans for a nationwide mobile broadband network.

  • News: Oracle preps MySQL Cluster for Web use

    The story "Oracle preps MySQL Cluster for Web use," which ran on the wire Feb. 13, misidentified the subject of a source's quote. The second sentence of the 12th paragraph should read:

  • How-Tos: How to Copy a File Path to the Clipboard

    You know those times when you want to upload a new photo to, say, Facebook or Pinterest? The typical browser-based upload tool forces you to click through countless folders until you find the one you want. It's a slow and often maddening dance.

  • News: The A-Z of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has become a dominant player in the recruitment and human resource space in the past few years, with 150 million members and availability in 200 countries

  • News: Event shows the many faces, challenges of big data

    The burgeoning tech industry movement around big data is churning up a variety of new applications, but remains an evolving field that faces lingering challenges, judging from an event held Wednesday at a Microsoft research facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • News: HP CEO: Google-Motorola deal could close-source Android

    WebOS could be an important player in the long run as an open-source mobile OS because Android could become closed source with Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman said Wednesday.

  • News: Apple: iOS update to require user permission for apps to access contacts

    Apple on Wednesday announced that an upcoming iOS upgrade will require that apps receive your permission before accessing the contents of your address book.

  • News: Private App Stores and Tablets: Notes from an Early Adopter

    Mobile devices and apps are everywhere -- including the workplace. But while users reap benefits, IT departments struggle with risks. Cisco's AppHQ running on its Cius tablet promises a controlled environment. One of the first to test the private app store is tech reseller and consulting company CDW.

  • News: FCC cracks down on telemarketing robocalls

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has approved new rules requiring telemarketers that use autodialed or prerecorded telephone calls to sell products to get written approval from customers before sending them the robocalls.

  • Opinion: Sneak Peek: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Content-Aware Move and Expand Tools

    With Photoshop CS6 expected to drop this spring, Adobe started posting weekly sneak peeks of Photoshop CS6's new features. This week, Adobe Senior Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes demonstrated the new Content-Aware Move and Expand features.

  • News: Rackspace soon to partner with developers of private OpenStack distros

    Rackspace expects to soon announce commercial private OpenStack distributions that it will support as part of its Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition set of services.

  • Opinion: Missing apps, missing Safari warnings, and more

    I receive a lot of questions and while each is a gem, some can be answered with just a few words. Rather than issue those few words and suffer the scrutiny of my Betters--who like seeing a column that's not overshadowed by its surrounding advertising--I save these things for a time when I can dump them en masse. Now is that time.

  • Opinion: Ubuntu and Slackware Named Top Desktop Linux Distros

    The world of desktop Linux is often portrayed these days as a battle primarily between longstanding leader Ubuntu and up-and-coming challenger Linux Mint, frequently with the suggestion that Mint is winning.

  • News: Google+ iPhone App Gets Instant Photo Upload Feature

    The latest version of the Google+ app for iPhone brings instant photo uploads, a cool feature previously available only to Android users. Once enabled, Instant Upload will automatically send your photos and videos to a private Google+ album, from where you can pick which ones you’ll share with the world.

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