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  • Opinion: Sneak Peek: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Content-Aware Move and Expand Tools

    With Photoshop CS6 expected to drop this spring, Adobe started posting weekly sneak peeks of Photoshop CS6's new features. This week, Adobe Senior Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes demonstrated the new Content-Aware Move and Expand features.

  • News: Rackspace soon to partner with developers of private OpenStack distros

    Rackspace expects to soon announce commercial private OpenStack distributions that it will support as part of its Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition set of services.

  • Opinion: Missing apps, missing Safari warnings, and more

    I receive a lot of questions and while each is a gem, some can be answered with just a few words. Rather than issue those few words and suffer the scrutiny of my Betters--who like seeing a column that's not overshadowed by its surrounding advertising--I save these things for a time when I can dump them en masse. Now is that time.

  • Opinion: Ubuntu and Slackware Named Top Desktop Linux Distros

    The world of desktop Linux is often portrayed these days as a battle primarily between longstanding leader Ubuntu and up-and-coming challenger Linux Mint, frequently with the suggestion that Mint is winning.

  • News: Google+ iPhone App Gets Instant Photo Upload Feature

    The latest version of the Google+ app for iPhone brings instant photo uploads, a cool feature previously available only to Android users. Once enabled, Instant Upload will automatically send your photos and videos to a private Google+ album, from where you can pick which ones you’ll share with the world.

  • News: SEC denies carrier attempts to block shareholder net neutrality votes

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected attempts by three telecom companies to block shareholder votes on whether they should commit to net neutrality principles.

  • News: How and When to Build a Mobile Website

    As of November 2011, 91.4 million people in the United States owned smartphones, according to comScore. That was an 8 percent increase over just a few months before. And if the trend continues, as most analysts and smartphone vendors believe it will, the number of individuals in the United States with a smartphone will be close to, if not exceed, 100 million by March 2012 - that's nearly one out of three Americans. And that's not including the number of people using iPads and tablet PCs, which was well over 15 million as of June 2011, per CTIA, the Wireless Association.

  • News: Eight tips for OS X's Quick Look

    OS X's Quick Look lets you view a file's contents by selecting it in the Finder and then pressing the spacebar. There's no need to wait for the file to open in an application--it appears immediately, so you can look up a number or date, or simply see if this is the file you want. Read text files, RTF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint documents. Sneak a peek at Pages, Numbers and Keynote files. Play videos, in many formats, and even listen to music files. But as handy as all that is, Quick Look can do even more:

  • News: Cisco loses its smart grid head

    Cisco has lost another high-ranking executive, as Microsoft last week named Laura Ipsen as corporate vice president of its Worldwide Public Sector organization.

  • News: Sky Go for Android available on 22 February

    Technology website TechRadar is reporting that sources "close to the matter" revealed 22 February as the launch date for the Android app.

  • News: First Look: Clear embraces a simple approach for managing to-dos

    When it comes to the App Store, to-do list apps are littered underfoot like so many dead leaves. Each, it seems, is trying to outdo the others in how many bells and whistles they can offer, vying for their chance at a spot on your Home screen.

  • News: Path Isn't Only App to Upload, Store Address Book Data

    Path, the mobile social network that recently caught some flack for uploading users' address books to its servers without explicitly asking for permission to do so isn’t the only mobile app that pinches data from users’ address books.

  • News: Software vendors fail to stem tide of security flaws, report shows

    Many of the software industry's top vendors are still struggling to reduce the number of vulnerabilities across all classes of products, an analysis of 2011’s flaw figures by research company Secunia has revealed.

  • Opinion: FileTrek Lets You Collaborate, Store Projects, Track Changes...For Free

    Sure, FileTrek offers 5GB of online storage for nada, zilch, zippo, aka no cash. That's a great deal in this day and age, when most online storage vendors are backing away from the free model. However, FileTrek is far more. It's a collaborative workflow manager and file revision tracking tool that may just change the way you work, as well as the way businesses manage their data and intellectual property.

  • News: Oracle preps MySQL Cluster for Web use

    Oracle has updated its MySQL Cluster software to make it more appealing to large Web service providers, among other users of large-volume distributed databases.

  • News: Enterproid to enable work and personal numbers on one phone

    Enterproid is expanding its dual-persona phone platform to include voice through a new deal with BroadSoft.

  • How-Tos: How to tag a photo using Facebook for iPhone

    Facebook's app for iPhone has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced.

  • Feature: Best iPhone apps: Five must-have apps for drivers

    If you're a driver your smartphone can be a great resource, thanks to the number of vehicle-related apps available.

  • News: Android loses market share,as Apple has exceptional quarter, Gartner says

    Android lost smartphone market share for the first time, as Apple had a great fourth quarter buoyed by the launch of the iPhone 4S, according to data from market research company Gartner.

  • News: KPN apologises for downing 2 million email accounts

    Dutch telecoms giant KPN has apologised for a security breach that last week forced it to suspend email access for 2 million of its customers in a dramatic and possibly unnecessary attempt to secure its systems.

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