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  • How-Tos: Speed up and clean up your PC

    It’s easy to your boost PC’s performance with the right software. From removing unnecessary startup programs, defragmenting your disks and cleaning up the registry to permanently deleting unwanted files, PC Tools Performance Toolkit can help.

  • News: Gmail hit by worldwide disruption

    Google has confirmed that its Gmail service suffered from 'disruption' yesterday.

  • News: New Julia language seeks to be the C for scientists

    Developers seek to provide one dynamic language for high productivity, performance

  • News: RIM releases BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1

    Research in Motion (RIM) has released a software update for its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: Which Version Should You Choose?

    Microsoft revealed in a blog post what the different versions of Windows 8 will be when the OS officially launches. The news from Microsoft clears some things up, but it also raises some additional questions and may still leave some wondering which version of Windows 8 is the "right" one.

  • News: What's the fastest browser? Maybe you're measuring wrong

    Most of today's browser speed tests focus on aspects such as JavaScript speed, HTML5 performance, or web page loading times. Supposedly, these tests are here to tell us something about a browser and help us either be proud of our choice or convince us to switch. In this article, I'll question typical browser benchmarks, such as SunSpider or V8, and show you why they're no more than meaningless values that are likely affected by an ocean full of non-controllable variables. Second, we'll talk about the memory footprint of web browsers and why this often-overlooked metric matters more than you think.

  • News: Farewell, Apple. Hello Linux Mint!

    That's right, I packed it in. My MacBook Pro is now on the shelf. In a while, it goes on Craigslist -- not because it's been obsoleted by the latest version of Mac OS -- Mountain Lion as mine will work okay (some MacBook Pros will not). Instead, there's a cushy comfort zone that's dangerous for a product reviewer to fall into.

  • Opinion: Bing Translator App Gets Cool Augmented Reality Tool

    Microsoft has just unveiled the most practical use of augmented reality (AR) technology to date, at least for globetrotters.

  • Opinion: Make Gmail and Dropbox Easier to Use

    Maybe it's because I don't like change, or maybe it's because I hate it when software developers assume that everyone can figure out their cryptic icons, but I wasn't a fan of Gmail's recent makeover.

  • News: Microsoft – carefully – edges closer to the open-source community

    Despite a rocky historical relationship with the open-source community, Microsoft's recent decision to create a specialized Open Technologies spinoff is the latest phase of its recent rapprochement with the open world -- as well as a canny defensive measure.

  • News: Google fixes Gmail outage that affected millions of users

    An outage that prevented millions of users from accessing Gmail on Tuesday has been resolved, according to Google.

  • News: Twitter unveils patent policy meant to give its employees more rights

    Twitter on Tuesday unveiled a proposed patent assignment framework that seeks to give employees who create works more protection over how their inventions are used.

  • News: Microsoft names Windows Server 2012, commits to launch this year

    Microsoft today gave its newest server software a name -- Windows Server 2012 -- and said it would release the operating system this year.

  • News: Unzip almost any archive file

    I recently downloaded a zip archive of freely-distributed MP3 files. But when I double-clicked it to decompress it, all I got was a .cpgz file (an archive file in the CPIO format). Double-clicking that file just created the zip file again, and thus I was stuck in an endless loop

  • News: Chrome for Android gets new features, languages

    The Android OS version of Google's Chrome browser is now available in a host of new languages and has gained several new features, but it remains in beta testing and is afflicted with a variety of bugs.

  • News: $500M state pension software system wracked by backlogs

    An expensive and long-troubled software program for California's pension system that went live last year has stumbled out of the gate, with some areas of service dealing with significant and growing backlogs, according to a report released Tuesday by officials at the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

  • News: Sencha visualizes mobile app development with Architect 2

    Sencha has introduced Architect 2, a cross-platform development tool for HTML5-based mobile and desktop apps that aims to make it easier to create applications with the help of a new graphical user interface, the company said on Tuesday.

  • News: Parents beware hidden iPhone/iPad app costs

    Apple and developers are being accused of unethical, expensive freemium extras in iPhone and iPad apps.

  • Opinion: Windows RT to Support ARM-Based Processors

    The next version of Microsoft Windows will depart from its predecessors in a number of ways, one of the most important of which will be freeing the operating system from the x86 straitjacket that it has been in for years.

  • Opinion: Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel Star in New Siri Ads

    Siri is making new friends with celebrity status. Apple started airing two new TV ads featuring actors Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel and Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant on the iPhone 4S.

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