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  • News: Oracle extends Java SE 6 end-of-life date by four months

    Company wants to give users more time to transition to the JDK 7 upgrade

  • Opinion: Thunderbird Tip: Change IMAP Folder Subscriptions

    Recently I shared a couple Thunderbird tips: How to make e-mail replies start at the top, and how to mark a message as read when you reply.

  • News: Tax Sites: TurboTax Is Still the One to Beat

    As more people turn to the Web for help in preparing and filing their income tax returns, some familiar sites continue to beef up their offerings in hopes of attracting newcomers and enticing competitors' customers. Most of the five online tax-prep services we looked at--versions of CompleteTax, H&R Block at Home, TaxAct, Tax Brain, and TurboTax that include guidance for individuals as well as for investors and sole proprietors--now support importing at least some (but regrettably not all) data from a PDF (the most common format for saving a return created online) of your 2010 return. This makes switching services easier than ever.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 24: Backing Up Your Cloud

    There always seems to be a lot of backlash and fuss going around the Internet about how much personal information is shared between my social networks and other sites or services. It occurred to me, though: what if the opposite happened, and rather than too much data being shared you went to visit Facebook or Twitter and all of your data was gone?

  • News: Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview

    Apple has released Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview, signalling the beginning of the public testing phase of its next-generation desktop operating system.

  • News: Lieberman: Cybersecurity Act of 2012 will help us protect critical infrastructure

    At a hearing on the bill, witnesses and senators said fast action is necessary to protect critical infrastructure against certain attack. The bill's sponsor promised there's no hidden SOPA-PIPA language in the legislation.

  • How-Tos: How to run SFC on a Windows XP machine

    You don't need to be logged into an administrator account to run SFC on a Windows machine. You do, however, need to follow the advice of our Helproom Expert.

  • Feature: PC Advisor's most commented stories of the week – 17th February 2012

    There's been plenty of tech storiesmaking the news this week, from the House of Lords revealing they plan to investigate whether the government's proposals that will help provide superfast broadband to the UK by 2015 are relevant to SOCA shutting down a music-website

  • How-Tos: What is a 'Console Session' in Windows 7?

    Does your Windows PC prompt you to use a Console Session in order to fulfil certain tasks? You're not alone. Our Helproom Expert explains in his response to this reader query.

  • News: Apple's new OS X tightens screws on some malware

    Mac OS X Mountain Lion will offer users a new security model that by default lets users install only programs downloaded from the Mac App Store or those digitally signed by a registered developer.

  • News: Oracle and SAP given June court date for TomorrowNow retrial

    The story "Oracle and SAP given June court date for TomorrowNow retrial" which ran on the wire Feb. 17 misstated the next available date for the retrial. The second sentence in the fourth paragraph should read:

  • News: Apple's Mountain Lion share menu lacks Facebook option

    Apple's new Mountain Lion OS, which was previewed Thursday, includes a sharing feature readily available in most apps -- but users can't use the menu to share via Facebook.

  • News: Oracle and SAP given June court date for TomorrowNow retrial

    Oracle and SAP may be back in court on June 18 to begin a retrial of Oracle's corporate theft lawsuit involving SAP's former TomorrowNow subsidiary, according to a judge's order Thursday.

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion: Hands on with Contacts and Calendar

    If our website comments and email inboxes are any indication, among the least-popular changes in Lion (OS X 10.7) were those performed on iCal and Address Book. From their unnecessarily skeuomorphic interfaces to their omission of features available in Snow Leopard, these two apps have, in many a user's mind, earned the criticism they've received.

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion Brings Mobile UI to Desktops

    Apple announced OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today, and something was immediately noticeable: it looks just like the latest version of iOS. From the notification system to iChat, it's clear that mobile is taking the lead in Apple's headquarters.

  • News: IT takes wait-and-hope approach to Apple Mac Mountain Lion

    Apple OS X Mountain Lion for Macs promises both benefits and costs for IT groups. Mac experts are looking forward to delving into the preview release and hoping for some Apple tools to support deployments later this year.

  • News: Shylock financial malware back 'with a vengeance'

    There are hints in Shylock terminology to suggest it is coming from Russia or the Ukraine. But who is involved and exactly where it is coming from remains a mystery.

  • News: Developers unsurprised, but cautious about Gatekeeper

    Thursday's surprise announcement of the next version of Mac OS X had developers across the Mac community perking up their ears, thanks in no small part to a new feature in Mountain Lion called Gatekeeper.

  • News: IBM: Future computers will be constant learners

    Tomorrow's computers will constantly improve their understanding of the data they work with, which in turn will help them provide users with more appropriate information, predicted the software mastermind behind IBM's Watson system.

  • News: Roche to move 90,000 employees to Google Apps

    Health care and pharmaceutical company Roche Group will standardize its email and calendaring system on Google Apps for about 90,000 employees worldwide, the companies announced on Thursday.

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