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  • Opinion: EA stumbles again, pulls Simpsons game


  • News: L.A. schools use mobile app to report maintenance problems

    The Los Angeles Unified School District plans to turn many of its 700,000 students into "smart sensors," to help keep the school facilities running smoothly.

  • News: JP Morgan overhauls global IT with Agile development and automation

    JP Morgan Chase is overhauling business processes, improving product development and slashing the costs of trading, as part of a major IT initiative.

  • News: The essential strategy guide on the consumerization of IT

    Consumer tech is now part of most companies' technology portfolios, raising questions for both IT and management. Here's InfoWorld's guide for making it all work

  • News: WIndows 8 is Great But..

    Microsoft's 'most radically redesigned version of Windows since Windows 95 (their words, not ours)--Windows 8 is garnering consumer attention, although Indian CIOs are shaking their heads.

  • News: Microsoft pitches Windows 8 to CIOs

    Just a few days after launching a beta preview ofits forthcoming operating system for consumers, Microsoft on Tuesday used the CEBIT trade show to position Windows 8 as a way to empower CIOsto satisfy the user expectations around the bring-your-own-device trendand mobility while satisfying enterprise requirements around security and manageability.

  • Opinion: Windows 8's Metro UI: 7 Things You May Just Hate

    As everybody knows, the most striking thing about Windows 8 is its Metro interface--those brightly colored tiles that serve as both shortcuts to programs and live widgets reporting data from those programs.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Metro UI: A Bold New Face for Windows

    Change is terrifying, and few things in technology have a greater capacity to set us on edge than a fundamental reimagining of the Windows operating system--a piece of the PC that's as vital to our lives and productivity as our mice and keyboards. But change is afoot, and Windows 8 is designed to play a pivotal role in Microsoft's quest for relevance in a future awash with touch-centric devices.

  • News: Adobe ships Photoshop Lightroom 4 and cuts price in half

    Adobe has released version 4 of Photoshop Lightroom, its professional photo management application, following a beta period of about two months. But perhaps the biggest news is that Adobe has permanently cut the price of Lightroom in half. Version 4 is priced at $149, as opposed to the $299 shipping price of version 3. The upgrade price is now $79, as opposed to the previous upgrade price of $99. "Lowering the price makes Lightroom more accessible to a broader range of photographers—from pros to amateurs,” said Tom Hogarty, Lightroom's principal product manager.

  • News: Raspberry Pi adds Arch Linux to downloads

    Early adopters of the now world-famous Raspberry Pi can now add Arch Linux to the Fedora Remix image announced for the low-cost computer on launch day, the project has announced.

  • News: Amazon Web Services enacts 'significant' price cut

    Amazon Web Services has cut its prices for the 19th time in six years in a bid to fend off competition from the likes of Microsoft Azure and Rackspace.

  • Opinion: Correct spelling from the keyboard

    While I certainly like OS X's built-in spell-checking tools, I also find it somewhat annoying because it requires the mouse—first to click on the misspelled word, then again to choose the correct spelling. OS X Hints reader Zonker.in.Geneva points out that you can actually use the keyboard to correct spelling errors in programs—such as TextEdit, Mail, and iChat (or Messages)—that use Apple’s system-wide spell-check system.

  • News: Is it really Zeus vs. Anonymous?

    Were Anonymous supporters really duped into installing the Zeus botnet that steals their confidential information, including email login information, banking user names and passwords? Symantec says yes.

  • News: Rugged DevOps: In search of the defensible infrastructure

    DevOps moves too fast to build security into the process, some say. Not true, say others who believe one just needs to get a little Rugged.

  • News: Harmonie to integrate IBM Connections with Outlook mail

    Harmonie, whose software links enterprise social applications with email clients, has struck a deal with IBM to integrate IBM Connections with Outlook.

  • News: 'Big data' creating big career opportunities for IT pros

    New job opportunities are emerging for IT professionals in the field of "big data," the term used to describe how corporations gather vast amounts of real-time data about their customers and analyze that data to drive decision making and increase profitability.

  • News: Get Hadoop certified ... fast

    IT professionals are scrambling to get trained and certified in what's expected to be the hottest new high-tech skill for 2012: Hadoop.

  • News: Windows 8: No touch, no fun

    The plan was to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a touchscreen device and see how easy it is to use fingers to navigate the Metro user interface, but that's not how it worked out.

  • News: SAP rolling out cloud-savvy version of Business One

    SAP has created a multitenant version of its Business One ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite, which will be sold exclusively through partners as Business One OnDemand, the company is expected to announce Tuesday during the Cebit conference in Hannover, Germany.

  • Feature: Top 10 Windows 8 apps: So far

    Here are some of the best Metro-Style Windows 8 apps - optimised for touchscreens, but functional with mouses and keyboards.

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