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  • Opinion: Get the Best of Firefox 4 With Status-4-Evar

    Firefox is in a state of rapid updates, when it seems every month brings a new version to your screen. In the vast rush to get new features out there, older features, perhaps considered no longer necessary, are dropped by the wayside. Fortunately, the extremely robust plug-in ecosystem and developer community that keeps Firefox my personal browser of choice (winning me back from Opera solely due to some add-ons I found I couldn't live without) means that if there's a feature you like, someone will add it back in if it's gone. Thus it is with Status-4-Evar, which recreates the pre-Firefox 4 status bar widgets, but with improved flexibility.

  • News: Windows XP users reminded of two-year support deadline

    The two-year deadline for users of Windows XP and Office 2003 to abandon their software or face a life without official support started ticking on Sunday, Microsoft has reminded millions of customers.

  • Opinion: How to keep track of keyboard shortcuts

    If you’ve read much of my writing here at Macworld, you know I love using the keyboard as much as possible. I find that reaching for the mouse (or trackpad, as much as I love mine) slows me down and interrupts my flow. If you’d like to use the keyboard more and the mouse less, here are some ways to do just that—and some advice on how to manage your growing collection of keyboard shortcuts.

  • News: Citrix buys Podio for social collaboration, project management software

    Citrix said Wednesday it has acquired Podio, maker of a cloud-based software platform for project management and collaboration. Terms were not disclosed.

  • Opinion: How to add special effects in iPhoto for iOS

    There are numerous benefits to editing your photos in the iOS version of iPhoto, which gives you much of the same functionality as its analogous desktop Mac software. The most obvious advantage is how much faster and easier it is to edit photos on your iPhone or iPad directly with your fingertip or a stylus. Although editing on an iOS device takes a little getting used to, once you've gotten the hang of making basic edits in iPhoto for iOS, you can move on to more advanced edits such as adding special effects.

  • News: BBC launches Sport app for TVs

    The BBC has launches its Sport app for internet connected TVs to provide broad and interactive coverage.

  • News: Apple promises Flashback malware killer

    Apple for the first time publicly acknowledged a malware campaign that has infected an estimated 600,000 Macs, and said it would release a free tool to disinfect users' machines.

  • News: Nokia announces its first Windows Phone with NFC

    Nokia has announced an NFC-enabled version of the recently launched Lumia 610 smartphone. Orange will be the first network operator to sell it, Nokia said in a blog post on Wednesday.

  • How-Tos: Get more from social media with Windows 8

    Like Windows Phone, Windows 8 offers a constant connection to all your email and social media from a single view. Here's how to get more from Facebook, Twitter and the rest using Windows 8.

  • News: Raspberry Pi back on track after passing CE mark tests

    The Raspberry Pi has passed the EU conformance tests that caused a hiatus in its distribution two weeks ago, its creators have announced.

  • News: Apple's new Flashback killer tool

    Apple is developing new software to detect and remove the Flashback malware that security insiders claim has infected 600,000 Macs worldwide.

  • News: Nokia offers Lumia 900 exchange, credits as problem surfaces

    Nokia said it had discovered a memory management issue on Lumia 900 smartphones offered on AT&T's network, that in some cases could lead to a loss of data connectivity.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Kicking it

    Tim Cook will kick off this year's D conference; shortages of the 15-inch MacBook Pro suggest new models with even more kick; and Apple kicks a Russian security firm while it's down. The remainders for Tuesday, April 10, 2012 get a kick out of you.

  • News: Mocana extends mobile app security offering to iOS

    More iOS devices arriving in the workplace mean more potential security headaches for the enterprise. Smart device security firm Mocana is looking to reduce some of those headaches by adding iOS support to its Mobile App Protection offering.

  • Opinion: Vista Support No More: Where to Go for Help

    Microsoft is ending support for Windows Vista this week as part of an effort to push users to upgrade to Windows 7. The company will no longer offer free technical support for customers running Vista, nor will they honor warranty claims for the five-year-old operating system, but it will provide basic support.

  • News: Critical Patch Tuesday bulletin addresses Microsoft Office attack seen in the wild

    While four of the six security bulletins that Microsoft issued for April's Patch Tuesday release are rated "critical," one in particular has already been targeted by an attack lurking in the wild.

  • News: Microsoft patches critical Windows zero-day bug that hackers are now exploiting

    Microsoft today delivered six security updates to patch 11 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and several other products, including one bug that attackers are already exploiting.

  • Opinion: Sign and Send Documents from Your Smartphone or PC

    See if this sounds familiar: Someone e-mails you a document, contract, or whatever that requires your signature. So you print it, sign it, then dust off the fax machine so you can send it back.

  • News: CloudOn adds Box.net support

    CloudOn has released version 2.0 of its iPad app. As before, the app lets you work on Microsoft Office documents stored on Dropbox from Apple’s tablet. This latest update adds support for Box.net cloud storage, among other tweaks.

  • Opinion: AT&T Starts Unlocking iPhones: Customers Gripe Over Long Delays

    Want to unlock your off-contract AT&T iPhone to use with competing GSM carriers such as U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile? As reported last week, now you can, the only hitch is it may take up to a week for AT&T to process the request even though AT&T claims it only takes minutes.

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