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  • Opinion: Cure for an incomplete iOS update

    Reader Jared Murray attempts to work the old "a friend of mine has a problem and..." gambit in regard to a "friend's" uncooperative iPhone. He writes:

  • News: Apple releases Safari 5.1.4

    Apple on Monday released Safari 5.1.4, an update chock full of fixes for the Snow Leopard, Lion, and Windows versions of the company's Web browser.

  • Opinion: How to use Boot Camp with Lion

    Many people switching from Windows PCs to the Mac worry that they must leave the Windows world--and the files they've created in it--completely behind. And for those who need to run application not found on the Mac or who just can't bear doing without a favorite Windows-only game or two, this is a legitimate concern. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds as today's Macs can run Windows natively using Apple's Boot Camp technology. This technology creates a separate partition on your Intel Mac's hard drive where you can then install a copy of Microsoft Windows. In order to use Boot Camp, you must restart your Mac from this partition. When you do, Windows runs almost exactly as it would on a PC.

  • Opinion: Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Chatter Resurfaces

    A new report claims to have details on a Nokia Windows 8 tablet, including some specs and release timing.

  • News: Speculation split on CNN buying Mashable

    CNN may be in the process of buying online news and blogging site Mashable, according to reports.

  • News: Microsoft offers credits for 'Leap Day' Azure outage

    To make up for a string of outages that were caused by a software bug in its Azure cloud services Microsoft is granting affected customers a 33% credit for the time they were left stranded during the Feb. 29 failure.

  • News: IBM user group: 75% of companies aren't collecting social media information

    A recent survey of the IBM SHARE user group found just 25% of respondents were collecting data from social media networks for business purposes, though many more are apparently planning to do so in the near future.

  • News: NetBase adds new monitoring capabilities to social media analysis platform

    NetBase's Enterprise Social Intelligence (ESI) platform is gaining new social media monitoring capabilities, the company announced on Monday.

  • News: Firefox 11 Slips onto Stage Ahead of Schedule

    The final release version of Firefox 11 isn't scheduled to make its official debut until Tuesday, but--as so often happens--it's shown up early.

  • News: Mozilla Begins Windows 8 Firefox Development

    A Mozilla engineer says development of a touch-centric version of Firefox for Windows 8 has begun in earnest and also highlighted a few interesting details about Web browsing in Windows 8.

  • News: Next Hadoop confirms data as a platform

    You may have heard the news out of last week's Strata: the next version of Hadoop is going to be bigger and badder than ever. But hidden within the hype about size and speed is a new feature that could radically shift the way Hadoop is used.

  • News: Google programming languages failing to gain traction

    Tiobe Programming Community Index cites lack of usage of Go and Dart, while programming languages from Oracle, Microsoft, and Apple rank prominently

  • Opinion: Windows 8: Two Operating Systems Barely on Speaking Terms

    Ericuse165 asked people on the Windows forum what they thought of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I offer my two cents.

  • News: In depth: What does APT really mean?

    And what should companies do about truly persistent threats?

  • News: Who's to Blame When IT Breaks?

    There's always a reason why things break in IT, and the powers that be can usually find someone to blame -- whether that someone is a data center operations staff member, an OEM, a systems integrator or a third-party service provider. (Insider, registration required.)

  • News: Popular Instagram iOS App Headed for Android

    Popular mobile photo-sharing app Instagram announced it now has more than 27 million users on iOS, and is hinting the company plans to release an Android app soon. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom showed off a forthcoming Android app, currently in a private beta period, at the music, arts, and tech conference South by Southwest in Austin, TX on Sunday.

  • News: Marvel hopes to give comic books a boost with augmented reality content

    Next month Marvel Comics is releasing a new application that will add augmented reality content to some of its comic books, the company announced on Sunday at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

  • News: Infor releases first in string of tie-in applications for Salesforce.com

    Infor on Monday launched Inforce Everywhere, the first in a series of planned software products that will tie its ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications to Salesforce.com.

  • News: 15 things to know about "Office 15"

    The next version of Microsoft Office is expected to arrive later this year. We don't know for sure what new major features will be added to its individual applications (i.e. Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word), but several tidbits about the overall suite have been subtly revealed or officially announced by Microsoft. Plus, there's been plenty of speculation by the tech news media.

  • News: With heart and money, Silicon Valley aids undocumented students

    Some big names in Silicon Valley's tech community are helping a group of talented, young students who are victims of circumstance and politics.

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