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  • News: Information Builders gives its BI platform more cloud-like capabilities

    The first paragraph of the story, "Information Builders gives its BI platform more cloud-like capabilities," which posted to the newswire Monday, gave an incorrect day for the company's announcement. The correct day is Monday. The story has been corrected on the wire and that paragraph now reads:

  • News: 10 hard truths developers must learn to accept

    On most days, programming is a rewarding experience, with no problem too challenging to solve. Perseverance, intuition, the right tool -- they all come together seamlessly to produce elegant, beautiful code.

  • Opinion: Switch Windows Users with Just One Click

    Do you share your PC with family members? If so, you've probably configured it with multiple accounts, meaning each person gets their own private, protected slice of Windows.

  • News: Internet Explorer Is Up, Every Other Browser Is Down

    Internet Explorer is gaining back some lost ground in the browser market share battle. It has reclaimed nearly two percentage points over the past three months--jumping almost a full percentage point just this month. What’s more interesting, is that Microsoft’s browser took a little share from every other browser out there to make up that percentage point gain.

  • Opinion: Seas0nPass Offers iOS 5 Jailbreak For Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3 Lucks Out

    In the last couple of months, GeekTech's been inundated with new jailbreaks for Apple gadgets, new and old. One Apple product that stayed in the dark though was the Apple TV, especially since the iOS 5.0 update. Fortunately, FireCore was hard at work so it could finally announce a new Seas0nPass jailbreak for the Apple TV 2.

  • News: What Will Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptops Look Like?

    Windows 8’s touch-centric interface will help to usher in a new wave of laptops with tabletlike touchscreens. To make it easier for users to tap and swipe on even superthin Ultrabooks, laptop makers will break out of the traditional clamshell shape and introduce laptops with more unusual designs.

  • News: Make Data Entry Easier in Microsoft Excel: 10 Tricks

    Spreadsheet software is supposed to make life easier, not torture you with endless hours of data entry. Before you curse Excel and wish that you were working back in the good old days of paper ledgers, imagine how much better it could be.

  • News: Information Builders gives its BI platform more cloud-like capabilities

    Information Builders has added a range of improvements to its WebFocus BI (business intelligence) platform that will make it more appealing to ISVs that want to offer it as a cloud service, the company announced Tuesday.

  • News: GAME is rescued from administration

    GAME Group has finally found a buyer in the form of OpCaptia which has bought the retailer for an undisclosed amount.

  • News: IE's browser share recovers, Chrome down for third straight month

    Internet Explorer posted another major gain in share last month, the second in the first quarter of the year, perhaps signaling a turnaround in Microsoft's fortunes, a Web metrics company said Sunday.

  • News: Samsung, NTT DoCoMo chip group abandon planned LTE chip joint venture

    NTT DoCoMo said Monday a planned joint venture with Samsung Electronics, Fujitsu, NEC and other Japanese companies to design and sell chips for high-speed mobile networks based on the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard has been abandoned.

  • News: IBM to develop telescope data analysis system

    IBM is developing new data management and analysis technologies for what will be the world's largest radio telescope. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA), due to become operational in 2024, will produce so much data that even tomorrow's off-the-shelf computers will have difficulty processing all of it, the company predicted.

  • News: The Nokia Lumia 900: How to Get it for Free

    The Nokia Lumia 900, the sleek and slim high-end smartphone, can be had for free -- even more impressive than the already low $100 retail price.

  • News: What Gemma Correll wore today

    We interview the illustrator and pug enthusiast about her new book for doodlers and fashion lovers.

  • News: Bond e-trading soars

    A move by Goldman Sachs to introduce a full trading electronic system for bonds has come at a time that the industry as a whole is stepping up IT-driven trading.

  • Opinion: What the PayPal Here Mobile Payment System Promises

    The PayPal Here mobile payment service launched last week to a select group of retailers, and it will be available later in 2012 to all businesses. How does it appear to stack up against Square, Intuit GoPayment, and other mobile payment systems that use a card-reading device?

  • News: Do Insecure Open Source Components Threaten Your Apps?

    Open Source components are a boon to developers, allowing them to efficiently write code without reinventing the wheel. But since open source lacks the notification infrastructure of commercial software, organizations must maintain a running inventory of open source components and their dependencies in production applications or risk deploying apps with known vulnerabilities.

  • News: Intuit brokers India farm trade with SMS app

    Intuit has set up a pilot program that allows farmers in India to find the best prices for their crops, simply by exchanging a few SMS messages on their cell phones.

  • News: The Week in iOS Apps: Swiping a few numbers

    This week's roundup of iOS apps includes big improvements to the much-loved Instapaper app, as well as a whole new way of seeing and calculating numbers.

  • News: Mac owners 3X more likely to preview next OS than Windows users

    Mac users are nearly three times more likely to be running an early version of the OS X Mountain Lion operating system than PC owners testing Microsoft's Windows 8, the Chitika online ad network said today.

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