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  • Opinion: Microsoft Does an About-Face on Visual Studio and Open Source

    Last month Microsoft caused considerable concern in the open source community when it made clear that the free, Express version of its upcoming new Visual Studio development software would no longer offer support for desktop-style applications.

  • Opinion: Meet the mintBox: A New Mini-PC with Linux Mint Preinstalled

    Microsoft's "secure boot" plans for Windows 8 PCs may have many members of the open source community up in arms, but even as the ongoing saga continues to unfold, a small army of alternatives are quietly marching onto the scene.

  • News: Apple sets OS X Mountain Lion release for July, cuts upgrade price 33%

    Apple said today that it would ship OS X 10.8, or Mountain Lion, next month, for $19.99, a 33% price cut from last year's upgrade to Lion.

  • News: Apple updates Aperture for Retina display

    Alongside the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with its shiny new Retina Display comes a brand new version of Apple's Aperture photo management program, designed to enhance your photo editing artistry and efficiency.

  • News: Apple iOS 6 vs. Android vs. Windows Phone (Comparison Chart)

    Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicked off today with the unveiling of iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad. Apple is promising over 200 new features in the latest version of its mobile operating system, but only a few of them were highlighted in the keynote.

  • News: Big Data Problem Plagues Government Agencies

    Big Data has the potential to transform the work of government agencies, unlocking advancements in efficiency, the speed and accuracy of decisions and the capability to forecast. But despite the potential benefits, most federal government agencies are struggling to leverage Big Data.

  • News: Microsoft official: The time is right for developers to build Win8 Metro apps

    With Windows 8 in its final phase of development, Microsoft is encouraging commercial and in-house enterprise developers to start building Metro-style applications for Microsoft's new operating system for desktops, laptops and tablets.

  • News: FaceTime via cellular: Will it work, and can you afford it?

    Apple's next-generation iOS will allow FaceTime video chats over cellular connections, but analysts question whether 3G networks offer enough bandwidth for quality chats and say 4G network use could be pricey.

  • News: Apple releases iTunes 10.6.3 update

    Alongside new MacBooks, an iOS 6 preview, and a Mountain Lion ship date, Apple also issued a minor update to iTunes on Monday.

  • Opinion: Navigate Your Cloud Storage Services With Otixo

    Cloud storage is exploding. Old standbys like Dropbox and SkyDrive keep getting better, while new competition like Google Drive keeps things interesting. But with this glut of high-quality online file storage services, a new need arises: A way to tie all services together, find where you kept what file, and transfer files between services without having to re-upload them. Otixo is a $10-per-month service (or free plan with limited bandwidth) that tries to do just that.

  • News: Cook unveils iOS 6, new OS X, Retina display MacBook Pro

    Apple CEO Tim Cook and a trio of top executives today outlined the new iOS 6, talked up this year's Mountain Lion upgrade for OS X and unveiled a new MacBook Pro laptop with a high-resolution "Retina" display.

  • News: The 6 Best New iOS 6 Features for Business Users

    It's official: Apple iOS 6 is coming this fall," and with it some 200 updates and improvements. Although there's nothing I'd call revolutionary (to me the updates seem more akin to iOS 5.5), Apple has baked in plenty of good stuff for business users -- starting with its homegrown Maps app, which is good news for iPhone owners but bad news for GPS-app developers.

  • News: MySQL vulnerability allows attackers to bypass password verification

    Security researchers have released details about a vulnerability in the MySQL server that could allow potential attackers to access MySQL databases without inputting proper authentication credentials.

  • News: Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion to launch in July

    Apple has announced that its Mac OS X Mountain Lion will launch next month.

  • News: Mountain Lion to ship in July for $20

    In Monday's keynote address at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed several new tidbits about Mountain Lion--including its ship-date.

  • Opinion: Engage With Your Followers With Freebie iTweetLive

    Twitter has become a marketing and communications tool for businesses, so it's no surprise that tools that help you get the most out of the service have exploded. ITweetLive is one of the latest entrants to the marketplace. This free, cloud-based service is aimed at helping businesses of all sizes use Twitter more effectively by engaging with its users.

  • News: Apple unveils new, thin MacBook Pro, iOS 6, and more OS X features

    Software focus is on more commonality across iOS and OS X, as well as moving Siri into cars

  • News: Linaro boasts up to 100% speed boost for Android

    Developers at open-source nonprofit organization Linaro have posted a set of code tweaks for Android, enabling up to 100% increases in performance, compared to a vanilla version of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

  • News: Apple unveils iOS 6

    Apple on Monday took the wraps off iOS 6, the next version of the operating system that powers the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Senior vice president for iOS software Scott Forstall told the developers and press in attendance that iOS 6 includes 200 new features, including Siri enhancements and Facebook updates.

  • News: LinkedIn claims vulnerable passwords have been disabled

    Business social network LinkedIn issued more information and advice to its users over the weekend, in the wake of a massive cyber attack in which 6.5 million passwords were stolen.

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