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  • News: Fave Raves: Loyal Spiceworks community chimes in

    Spiceworks users continue to heap praise on the open-source IT management suite, lauding its features, cost (free) and community support.

  • News: UK hacker accessed accounts for 20 months before bust

    The takedown of Edward Pearson is said to be part of a larger crackdown on cybercrime in the UK.

  • News: Microsoft UE-V Takes Virtualization to the Next Level

    Microsoft announced some new tools today for MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) customers. Beta versions are now available of an updated App-V 5.0 (Application Virtualization), and a new tool that takes virtualization beyond the desktop, and beyond applications--User Experience Virtualization (UE-V).

  • How-Tos: Use Your Browser as a Productivity Tool

    If you spend time online as part of your daily routine, you know that staying productive while browsing the Web is a challenge. Fortunately some great websites and browser extensions are available to help transform your browser into one of the most powerful productivity tools in your arsenal. Elsewhere we've discussed how to avoid tech distractions in your daily life; in this article we'll discuss three of the most popular productivity and time management systems, along with some great browser modifications to help you stick to them.

  • How-Tos: How to use Brushes in iPhoto for iOS

    iPhoto for iOS is not only a joy to use, it's easy to learn—even if you've never used the desktop verion of iPhoto '11.

  • News: 'Massive' visa fraud alleged in lawsuit against Indian firm

    A former human resources manager at Larsen & Toubro InfoTech Limited Inc., a leading India-based IT services firm, accused the company of visa fraud in a complaint filed this week in a federal court in New Jersey.

  • News: Dell to acquire modernization specialist Make Technologies

    Dell plans to acquire Make Technologies, which specializes in helping businesses replace outdated IT systems, the company said Thursday, marking its third enterprise-related acquisition announcement this week.

  • How-Tos: Improve Your Windows 7 Registry With 7 Easy Tweaks

    The Windows Registry is a powerful but confusing component of the Windows operating system. In earlier editions of Windows, editing the Registry was fraught with peril; if the user edited it with the wrong tool or altered a critical key, the result could be an inoperable Windows installation. Windows 7, however, is far more forgiving than its predecessors when it comes to modifying the Registry, if you use the built-in Windows 7 Registry Editor (Regedit).

  • News: Comparing participation in the open source cloud communities

    With competition heating up in open source clouds, an analysis of community participation among four major projects shows that Eucalyptus - the oldest of those studied - has the largest standing community but OpenStack and CloudStack are gaining momentum in the developer community.

  • News: Google adds live tube alerts to Maps

    Google has updated its Maps service to include real-time service alerts for the London Underground.

  • Buying Advice: 12 features to look for when buying security software

    Every PC and laptop needs antivirus, antispyware and a firewall. But what constitutes 'good' security software? Here we outline what to look for when selecting your desktop or laptop's defensive arsenal.

  • News: Samsung delays Galaxy Tab 2 launch

    Samsung has pushed the launch of its second generation Galaxy Tabs to the end of April due to software problems.

  • News: ITU: Broadband key to achieving 2020 carbon reduction commitments

    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an agency of the United Nations, has propelled broadband to the front of the world’s green agenda by insisting that it is key to fulfilling carbon reduction commitments.

  • News: Government unveils design principles for new digital services

    The Government Digital Service (GDS) has unveiled a set of self-imposed design principles that it will follow when building future digital services, in a bid to improve user experience.

  • News: Larry Ellison: Hardware-software integration key, Apple is best example

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said Thursday his company will continue to bet on selling high-end custom hardware for its software products, even amidst a growing trend toward roomfuls of cheap, generic servers.

  • News: Open-source data mapping tool CartoDB provides customizable views

    Vizzuality launched an open-source data-mapping tool CartoDB this week, promising an easy and customizable way for users to display their geospatial data.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Glassy-eyed

    Google thinks the future of technology is only a little better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, while the company's CEO says Apple fronting on Android is just that--a front. And Apple holds the keys to the kingdom, where the kingdom equals "your data on iCloud." The remainders for Wednesday, April 4, 2012 are the keymaster--are you the gatekeeper?

  • News: Masters golf tournament gets into the swing of things on iOS

    From the green jacket bestowed on the winner to tournament officials' insistence on referring to spectators as "patrons," The Masters golf tournament is one of the most tradition-bound sporting events in the U.S. But that hasn't stopped the tournament's organizers from embracing the iOS platform. And this year is no exception.

  • News: New Microsoft tool maintains Windows user settings in virtual environments

    Microsoft virtual Windows environments need not require a lot of manual configuration to customize applications and update operating system preferences each time users log in thanks to a product being added to the Microsoft toolbox.

  • News: New SwiftKey 3 Keyboard App for Android Kills the Need for Spacebar Accuracy

    SwiftKey just re-invented the way that you type on your Android phone or tablet with SwiftKey 3 Beta. This latest version of SwiftKey's Android keyboard has a new feature called "Smart Space" that allows you to just type continuously without having to remember to insert spaces between words.

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