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  • News: 3G/4G Performance Map: Data Speeds for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon

    In our April 16 article "3G and 4G Wireless Speed Showdown," we reported the results of our exclusive 13-city tests of the four national wireless services: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Our study is the largest and best-known independent test of wireless service in the United States.

  • News: How to delete the Dock delay

    You probably know that you can configure the Dock to hide itself when you aren’t using it. (If not: Go to System Preferences -> Dock, and select Automatically Hide and Show the Dock, or Control-click on the separator in the Dock itself and select Turn Hiding On.) You may also have noticed that, if the Dock is hidden and you then move your cursor to the edge of the screen to make it reveal itself, there’s a slight delay before the Dock slides back into view. The delay may not be that long—maybe half a second—but it does irritate some users.

  • News: Security error in OS X 10.7.3 exposes passwords for legacy FileVault users

    A security error in OS X 10.7.3 exposes passwords on systems with support for the pre-Lion FileVault home-directory encryption feature. This security flaw, apparantly created when Apple left debugging code in the 10.7.3 update, is only triggered with Lion systems in which legacy support for the original FileVault is retained and when logging in with such an account.

  • News: Windows 8 privacy worry overblown, says Microsoft analyst

    Risk of local caching of contacts no greater with Windows 8 than Windows 7, researcher adds

  • News: Samsung Focus 2: At $49 You Can't Afford Not to Check It Out

    The Samsung Focus 2 has been outed this week at CTIA in New Orleans. The next generation Windows Phone smartphone will be available from AT&T beginning May 20 for the bargain price of just $49 with a two-year contract.

  • News: Red Hat, Dell announce OEM partnership

    The announcement Tuesday of a new partnership between Dell and Red Hat could mark a further expansion of open-source software use in the enterprise.

  • How-Tos: Beam photos in iPhoto for iOS

    Whether it's using Brushes, adding special effects, or simply making basic edits, iPhoto for iOS offers a great degree of flexibility for editing photos on your iPad or iPhone. But aside from the ease with which you can edit photos, the mobile version of iPhoto offers users an unusual advantage when it comes to sharing.

  • News: Nokia Siemens to tap into Ruckus for service-provider Wi-Fi

    Two deals that Wi-Fi system vendor Ruckus Wireless will announce at the CTIA Wireless show this week reflect service providers' growing interest in the unlicensed wireless technology.

  • How-Tos: 5 Essential iOS Apps for Photographers

    My friends call me a camera snob because I prefer digital SLRs and typically turn my nose up at camera phones. But lately, I've fallen in love with my iPhone's camera; more and more, I find myself snapping photos with my phone. One obvious advantage that a smartphone like the iPhone has over a traditional camera is portability. I've always got my iPhone in my pocket, while my Nikon often languishes at home. But another great advantage is apps: It's easy to add new features and capabilities to your iPhone by installing a free or inexpensive app. To do the same thing with a traditional camera, you'd need a degree in electrical engineering. Last year, I told you about five reasons photographers should love the iPhone. The apps I mentioned back then are still great, but this week, I've rounded up five more iOS apps that I highly recommend.

  • News: Apple releases bug fixing iOS 5.1.1

    Apple has released version 5.1.1 of iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

  • How-Tos: Restore data from a backup

    Everyone hopes they won't suffer a hard disk crash, but it pays to know in advance how to restore files from your backup should you find yourself in that position.

  • How-Tos: How to back up your PC and laptop

    With so many computers containing your stuff, backing it all up can be a headache. Fear not, as our ultimate guide to backup will explain how to easily back up your PC and laptop. We'll help you put a proper backup strategy in place that will ensure your precious photos and documents stay safe.

  • News: Samsung, Qualcomm join forces on wireless charging

    Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm have joined forces and formed the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) which aims to accelerate the development of wireless charging, the companies said Monday.

  • News: Google Play Store hits 15 billion app downloads

    Google’s Play Store has reached the 15 billion app download milestone.

  • How-Tos: How to Edit Office Documents on Your Smartphone

    Although office suites have been available on mobile phones for more than a decade, touch interfaces have made them much simpler and more efficient than before. Now, iPhone and Android users wanting to work with office documents while on the go have at least three great options each, and two of them in common. This guide will walk you through the process of choosing an editor and getting started in editing documents on your smartphone.

  • How-Tos: How To Make Your PC Distraction-Free

    With tons of desktop real estate and the processing power to run practically as many apps as you can open, it can be challenging to stay focused on a single task while using your PC. Luckily, in recent years a number of new tools have been developed to help you create a distraction-free workspace at home or in the office. These apps and tools hide unused windows and menus to help you focus on what's important and be more productive.

  • News: Samsung Focus 2: First Impressions of a $50 Windows Phone

    AT&T and Samsung Monday showcased the latest Windows Phone, the Samsung Focus 2, in an old colonial mansion in New Orleans' Garden District during CTIA 2012.

  • Opinion: For a Lightweight Linux Desktop, Try the New Xfce 4.10

    Choice is one of the best parts of the desktop Linux world, where there's a distribution to suit virtually every taste and purpose.

  • News: MasterCard's PayPass Wallet will span online, mobile, in-store shopping

    MasterCard WorldWide announced a digital wallet on Monday that consumers will be able to use for purchases in stores, on the Web and on their mobile phones.

  • News: Does 'stand your cyberground' stand a chance?

    Internet security experts say the concept has merit, but major legal and ethical problems still need to be sorted out

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