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  • Opinion: Box and LiquidPlanner Team Up for Better Project Management

    Effective project management is critical for many organizations. Businesses need tools to allocate resources, monitor progress, track costs, and project deadlines. Project teams also need to be able to share information and collaborate on files necessary to complete the project. A new partnership between LiquidPlanner and Box provides customers with both---integrating project management with data sharing and collaboration.

  • News: Microsoft dumps Office Starter from PC maker choices

    Microsoft is dumping its Office Starter edition as Windows 8 and the next edition of the suite, dubbed Office 2013, near completion and release later this year and early next

  • Opinion: Deal With Your Internet Pet Peeves With These Chrome Extensions

    Let's face it: No matter how enjoyable spending day after day online can be, as each hour adds up there are a few little things that just get more annoying. Whether it's having to browse through hundreds of browser tabs to find the one you want, or it's dealing with what other people say, here's a collection of plugins for Google Chrome that will help keep you from getting so wound up.

  • News: Windows Phone 8 announcement puts partner Nokia in tough spot

    Microsoft made important headway in its bid to compete in the smartphone market this week, announcing the next-generation Windows Phone 8 smartphone operating system. But in the process, the company has "placed their hardware partners in a very awkward situation," says Wayne Lam, IHS senior analyst in wireless communications.

  • Opinion: Sprint Settles Lawsuit over Improper Messaging Charges

    If you are or have been a Sprint customer with a messaging plan, listen up. The carrier has agreed to pay up to $19 million in order to settle charges that it improperly charged customers.

  • News: Microsoft may be building own smartphones

    After Microsoft announced this week that it will sell a pair of branded Surface tablets, an analyst suggested that the company is also working with a contract manufacturer to build a Windows Phone 8-based smartphone.

  • News: Don't expect a kinder, gentler Oracle after sales executive's departure

    Oracle customers hoping that the pending departure of a top company executive will help pave the way for a kinder, gentler sales culture may be engaged in wishful thinking, according to industry observers.

  • News: Twitter crashes twice Thursday

    Twitter went down this afternoon, got back up and crashed again. Twitter said it was working on the issues but that problem was ongoing.

  • Opinion: Gigapixel Photography: Another Promise of Camera Revolution

    Photographers are used to thinking in megapixels, but researchers at Duke University have gone even bigger with the first gigapixel camera for general use.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 29: Five Things I Like Most About the Cloud

    Yesterday I listed the five biggest issues or concerns I had with relying on the cloud. Now, I’m going to flip that around and talk about the five biggest benefits or advantages I discovered while working in the cloud.

  • News: WP8 won't run on current Windows Phone, a problem for Nokia

    Windows Phone 8, coming in the fall, won't run on existing Windows Phones, Microsoft which will hurt sales of existing Windows Phone models in the coming months, creating acute problems for the ailing Nokia.

  • News: Smartphone OS Showdown: Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM Gear Up for Battle

    If you're in the market for a new smartphone, don't even think about going down to your local cellphone retailer or AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon retail store to get a new device, at least not yet. Every major smartphone platform including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone is getting an overhaul with lots of new features, and, presumably, new hardware to go along with it starting in the fall.

  • News: Improve Cloud Support With a Customer Bill of Rights

    Cloud vendors are re-learning the lessons of client-server support in the 1990s, and it's not a nice walk down memory lane. It's time for a cloud customer Bill of Rights.

  • News: Researcher: Face.com iOS flaw could have allowed Facebook, Twitter account hijacking

    Facial recognition start-up Face.com patched a vulnerability in its KLINK iOS app that could have allowed attackers to hijack the Facebook and Twitter accounts of its users, according to Ashkan Soltani, the independent security researcher who claims to have found the flaw.

  • Opinion: I Can't Preview Office Files

    Warren Smith can't preview Word or Excel files in Windows Explorer. He asked the Answer Line forum for help.

  • News: Microsoft hopes to attract more developers with Windows Phone 8

    Microsoft hopes that full support for C and C++ and the ability to write apps for all Windows devices at the same time will attract more developers to Windows Phone 8.

  • News: TextExpander 4 adds features, but must leave the Mac App Store

    Smile on Thursday released TextExpander 4, the latest incarnation of its typing shortcut utility. Among the new features are additional options for “fill-in-the-blank” snippets, fill-ins for multi-line text fields, dropdown menus for multiple choices, and optional text blocks that you can trigger as needed when expanding a text snippet. But because TextExpander 4 can’t adhere to Apple’s recently-enforced sandboxing guidelines, the new version of the app isn’t available in the Mac App Store.

  • News: Swype Beta Adds Automatic Learning of New Words

    Swype, the Android virtual keyboard by Nuance that lets users type by dragging their finger across the screen, just became a lot more useful in its latest beta release.

  • News: Innovate on data services

    Mickael Ghossein, CEO, Telkom Orange says that pure data cannot exist, especially with the growth of smartphones in Kenya. "Operators will have to push data services through the increased number of smart devices that are choking the telecommunication market", says Ghossein.

  • Opinion: How to Banish Bloatware

    It's time to put your PC on a diet.

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